Holyspirit is the Spirit of God . Father, Son dwell in the form of Holyspirit. Though the understanding of the Holytrinity is beyond human capacity, the people who possess the Spirit of God can feel and interact with the triune God. The Father and Son manifest themselves in the form of Holyspirit to those who put their trust in them. If we see in the Scriptures of Old and New, the God’s people have seen and walked with the Father and Son but from the Biginning of the World till now , no one has seen or walked with the Holyspirit in face to face. Holyspirit has been called in different forms like Breath, Spring, Water, Wisdom, Oil, Air , fire so on in the Scriptures. Why Holyspirit does not manifest his form to the Human Being? This is a good question , but we must know the reason behind this mystery.

Human Beings and the entire Creation was made through the Wisdom of the Holyspirit. Human himself was created in the image of God. God breathed at the nostrils of a statue made out of mud and life came in to being. The entire Scriptures are written through the inspiration of the Holyspirit. Holyspirit is God’s image . God does not have a form like man but God manifests through Creation like human, fire, cloud, so on but all these forms are not real image of God. God wants to convey his message and love through these symbols so that man may communicate with him and unite with him.

Jesus became man in human form and in human image, but his real image was not in the human form. When Jesus was received in his resurected body at the ascension, Jesus was glorified in his Resurected Body. The resurection body of Jesus was a human body but When he was received back at the Holy Trinity , Jesus Human Body transformed and accepted by the Holy Trinity. When Jesus was anointed Victorious on completion of the Salvation plan, the Holyspirit descends upon all those who united with the Body of Christ. This activity is called Baptism of the Holyspirit. This is also called God Experience or transformation experience. When we accept the Gospel of Repentence and believe that Jesus has died for our Sins and resurected , our Sins are purged out of our flesh and we unite with the mystical Body of Christ which we call church. The time we unite with Christ, the anointing and power of Jesus passes in our Bidy , mind and Spirit in the form of Holyspirit. This activity fullfilled ritualy by laying on hands and anointing with the oil by the anointed people who have already connected with the Body of Christ but not necesary. When we accept Jesus, we are anointed with the Holy Spirit , this is one activity.The other anointed lay on hands and anoint with oil to confirm and accept the new member of Christ body in to the Body of Christ.

What is Holyspirit? Holyspirit is nothing but the manifestation of Father and Son in one Spirit. How we can feel Holyspirit? Holyspirit is the love of God , the love of the Father and Son poured out in the form of the Holyspirit. When a human experience this pure love of God or anointing , he starts reflecting in the image of God. All Triune God Charisms, gifts ,fruites ,are passed on to Human and human unites with the Father and Son through the Holyspirit. This activity is divine human unification and thus human becomes the family of God or child of God. At this stage the Renewed Human being gets engaged in God’s Business or God’s activities. He tries to pass on the love of God to others who have not experienced the love of God in their life.

Gifts, Charisms or fruites are only visible human names given to God’s love but overall if we summarise the Holyspirit , the triune God unites with us completely and shares all he has for our good.

Can we loose the anointing or the Salvation? God’s love is constant and does not change but human relationships change as per his Worldly understanding of the Holyspirit. The second Cycle repeats of the just like Adam disobeyed God and broke the relatonship with God and Sin entered human and human started hiding from God. God is constant and does not withdraw any Blessing or anointing or Salvation but Man can loose the Salvation , if he does not keep a relationship with God. This exactly happened to our first human parents, the Paradise was theirs but there are some Godly rules in the Godly family, if we do not go through these rules and take God as human and relate with him in Worldly Sinful way , we will not be able to reach or communicate with him. Holyspirit is grieved with these kind of People because they become unfaithful to God’s love and betray God for some silly and temporory wordly pleasure.

If we rely upon the Spirit of God like a little depends upon their parents, the Holyspirit guides, provides, heals, delivers, comforts and fills us with abundant life of the Kingdom of God.

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