Why a Christian must Fast?


Why a Christian must Fast?

Fasting is an act of self-denial. When the flesh craves to fulfil the desires, fasting or disciplining our five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing puts the flesh on the back seat and the Spirit takes over our body and fulfils Gods plan in our life. All fleshly desires coming from the flesh, how good they may look like, they are the agents of Evil unless the flesh is led by the spirit.  The true fasting must be done by disciplining all the five senses.

When we deny our self and carry the Cross of love in our lives, Jesus becomes our spouse and Lord of our lives. When the spirit of God takes over our lives, our prayer, our protection, our justification comes from the Lord because our actions are not directed by fleshly desires but from Gods spirit himself.

Does self- denial mean to detest all things and sit in the monastery? May be for a period of forty days may help us to discipline our senses theoretically on the desk top but practical workshop must be done in the field work like in our families, communities, work places. When we implement our self-denial in these places, we will be like people who do true fasting as Isiah states in the first reading.

Christian Fasting is far different than other fasting’s of this Worldly ways of life. A true Christian denies the temptations of the flesh, World and Devil by fasting and prayer. When we fast in this way, even Devil submits to the Holy spirit who dwells in us. All our prayers are heard, and we are in the protection and guidance of the Holy spirit.

When we are with Jesus in the Heavenly realm, we need not fast, but this will be only possible when Jesus takes us along with him in glory. While we are on this Earth we must fast daily from Flesh, World and resist the Devil and his schemes to be holy and acceptable to God.




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