Temptations are the tests of a True Christian

Are Temptations good for a Christian?If we go through the history from Creation till now , all the great people of God including Jesus were tested and made holy through the trials and temptations. God does not tempt but God leads us to confront the Temptations. This is a Spiritual Warfare between God’s Children and the Evil . The Evil challenges God’s Children ( Human Beings) to fight him but the fight is not of Physical but Spiritual battle .

The Spiritual battle is fought not with Worldly or fleshly or intellectual power but with the Spirit of God.God accepts the challenge and empowers his Children with his Spirit to fight the Evil on this Earth.

The Evil disguises in the form of Flesh, World and in human form and tricks humans with evil Schemes, but God through his Spirit gives wisdom and knowledge to the human to desern the Works of the Evil and reject his Schemes with the Armour of God.

This Spiritual Battle is life long and does not get over till our physical death. God wants us to be victorious against the devil and has given us the Holyspirit through Jesus Christ . Holyspirit is the flag of Victory over Evil in the plan of Salvation, which Jesus accomplished by dying on the Cross.

No human can fight this battle without the help of the Holyspirit. Human inteligence, Self Will and education gives us an idea of Evil and for some extent, through the corrupted image of God of our Concience, we try to fight the Evil, but since our Concience has corrupted by the Evil and our faculties fail to respond fully and fight back,due to the influence of the Evil one in our life.

The Baptism of the Holyspirit renews a Corrupted Soul and transforms it to the fresh image of God and all our faculties get influenced through the Holyspirit . When Evil comes with his temptations with any forms, the body , mind and Spirit recognises the Evil and resists the temptations immediately. The Holyspirit empowers us through the Church, Sacraments and the Word of God. This is the reason when a human is in constant relationship with the Holyspirit , the Temptations are tackled like a tricky question of the test.

The Evil does not accept his defeat and tries in all means to tempt the children of God on this Earth, but God bestows his grace and gift of faith on people and prepares them to fight the Evil and be Victorious.

Jesus has won the Victory against the Evil through his death and resurection and accomplished the Salvation. Jesus could have recovered his Kingdom immediately after his Victory over Satan but he wants to teach his children to be victorious through his power of Salvation and exercise their free will against the Evil and wim their induvidual salvation. Jesus is not fetching us with fish but teaching us how to fish so that they are dignified and identified as his Children not only through his image but through his merits.

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