Lent- Time of God’s Favour- Kairos.

Kairos- now is the time [kairos] of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Lent comes and goes every year, Church calls us for repentence and we try to avoid certain external visible things which has been seen by everybody and the 40 days of lent are over and we are back to the same old rut of life. This is the lifestyle of most of the Catholics or Christians in general in our modern World.

Why the Church invites us for a special period called Lent? Lent infact is not a mourning or sad time but a time of rejoicing and celebration, because in Lent ,God visits his people. The Bridegroom comes to visit the Bride , it is a time of great renewal of hearts. When Bridegroom comes to visit the Bride, the Bride must be joyful and full of love because God wants to be one with his people.

God knocks at the door of our life every moment of our life but in the time of Lent , he not only Knocks but cries out in a loud voice with love songs and intercessions. Lent is a time of Honeymoon with our Lord because he is with us in daily rich Liturgy, Word of God, Retreats, Prayer, charity and forgiveness.

Lent is a time of God’s favour, when we struggle with any particular area in which we require a help from others, Lent is the time of that help. Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and Earth. The help may come through People of God, who help in our weaknesses , we must be ready and willing to take this favour from God.

Lent is a time of Salvation. During this time of Lent , it is good to examine our life and ask a question to ourself, Am I realy saved? Tonight if the Lord calls me, am I ready to receive him and am I ready for his Judgement ?or do I need to forgive someone in my life? In the time of Lent , Jesus comes insearch of us like he spotted Zachaeus and went to his house to dine or like Mathew who was called from tax collection post.

Lent is a time to encounter Jesus face to face. Just like the two desciples who were travelling from Jerusalem to Emmaus in disappointment and depression, Jesus meets them on the way and burns their heart with his presence ,through Scriptures , Eucharist and they encountered Jesus face to face and came out from all disappintment and depression and returned to Jesmrusalem with full if zeal and hope.

Lent is a time of great revival and a time to reconcile our relationship with God and one another. Just like the Pridigal Father, waits for his Son to return , God the Father waits for us to return to him so that we may receive back all that we have lost and enjoy in his Lordship in the Kingdom of God. Lord expects that yes from us so that he can do the rest in our life.

One thought on “Lent- Time of God’s Favour- Kairos.

  1. Gavēņa laikā,Dievs mūs māca,kā veidot mūsu turpmāko dzīvi.Izdzīvojot konkrēto gavēni labākās dzīves pieredzes mēs saglabājama un pielietojam.Piedzīvojot jaunu gavēņa laiku,sarunā ar Pestītāju,mēs nonākam pie kārtējām vājībām,kas mums traucē nonākt pie Mīlestības avota.Lai Dievs Tevi svētī!!!


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