God Loves All so that All may love like him.

Tuesday of the 11th Week in Ordinary Time
June 18, 2019

Today‘s Readings:

2 Corinthians 8:1-9
Ps 146:1b-9a
Matthew 5:43-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

As per today’s Gospel reading God loves equaly every one and does not looks at his status of holiness or actions. We think God loves those who are good people, and try to be good so that God will be pleased with us and invite us to live with him forever. Why God loves dictators, abusers of Children, Murderers of weak people and persecutors of our priests and church the body of Christ.

God knows all these sinners do not do things knowingly but under the influence of Evil.These people are sick with a sickness called SIN. When God blesses these people , these very sinners experience the love and mercy of God and change their life. We have many examples in the history of the Church, St.Augustine &St Paul were among these category. If God do not take any offence upon tge evil doers or our so called enemies, why do we need to have enemity on these people. Jesus says in the Gospel love your enemies and bless or pray for our persecutors. Today’s reading gives a new dimension to the approach of Christian life. This teaching is the paramount and foundation of Christianity or Christian love. Christian love is God’s love , it has only one way and that is giving or forgiving or loving without any conditions or limit.

The human love is not God’s love or Christian love at all. All animals also show this type of love. We humans need to be something better than these animals. The animals do not forgive but snatch and fight for their catch. The people who do not believe God also do not care about divorce or Abortion or the gift if life. The Non beluevers believe in their God and way of life but none of them love one another in God’s love.

We can call in Worldly point of view God’s love as stupid love, it does not make any sense, no logic and no reasoning or a sign of weakness. But for people who live in this love, it becomes their power and satisfaction of life. They do not expect anything more than to embrace this love and share this love with one another. This very power or peace is God himself.

Whoever embraces this love , resembles God’s image in this World to be perfected in the image of God.

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