Wednesday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time
September 25, 2019

 Today’s Readings:

Ezra 9:5-9
Tobit 13:2-4, 7-8 (with 1b)
Luke 9:1-6
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

A person who believes in Jesus Christ is a new Creation in Christ , he no more lives by himself but Christ lives in him. By virtue we can do all things what Jesus did while Jesus was on this earth and greater things than that Jesus did on this Earth. The transformation of our life in to Jesus life is what makes the difference in our life. If we have this experience we possess the spirit of God in our Body.

In today’s readings we see Jesus sends his disciples to cast out Demons, heal the sick and preach the good news of the Jesus. Anybody who believes as Jesus is Lord and Master of their life  has authority to perform the above miracles. The Gospel writer Luke particularly puts three  main  blocks  which prevent a Human to be a New creation.

  1. Cast out demons:  Luke puts this block first in order deliberately because Evil Spirits are the major blocks in humans which try their maximum strength to prevent God’s love coming in to human soul. Therefore it is very important to perform a deliverance prayer before healing or preaching the Word of God. If we do a healing session without deliverance many sicknesses do not get healed because the cause of many sicknesses are Evil possession. We have seen in our deliverance ministry once we cast out demons from a person , the healing is automatic and instantly the person starts praising God and starts serving him without going through the session of healing or listening to the Word of God.                   People  have misconceptions  on the subject of demons , demons are basically the evil spirits which roam around for the ruin of souls. They first tempt a human , when the human responds to the temptation , the sin or egg of the evil Spirit laid in our life. If we do not confess this Sins to the mercy of God , the Egg of the evil spirit hatches the little evil spirits in our life and if we entertain these spirits by enjoying the sinful habits a bondage is built by these spirits in that area of our life, where our will and response to God’s mercy is blocked in that area. An evil spirit is a person who has  got will and Emotions . When we entertain these spirits they become part and parcel of our life. So Sin or living in Sin is a terrible thing.  For example if a person is entertaining the spirit of Laziness ,the laziness steals peace , good health, providence of our daily bread and confusion, ill health and poverty takes over our life. Now this is called bondage or one kind of possession of the Evil spirit against our will . In this stage we want to be active but something is driving us away from our Will and moral values, and we fall in to the same sin again and again.This cycle repeats again and again unless we seek the mercy of God in reconciliation and repentance. If this bondage has grown over the years , our own reconciliation process or repentance becomes difficult and we need a prayer of deliverance or must attend deliverance session conducted by the ministers of the church.                                                                                                                                   Jesus has given authority to cast out demons  to every baptized or transformed Christian. Jesus himself exercised this ministry and demons came out of a person screaming and yelling in the fear of the authority.  When we conduct retreats or evangelize  , sometimes we are not able to feel the power of the Holy spirit and miracles of Healing and transformation of hearts among the people because the bondage’s block the grace of God to enter in to human soul  . When we command Evil Spirit by the authority of Jesus , the miracles of Healing and Transformation of hearts happen instantly. So Luke puts this ministry of deliverance first through the inspiration of the Holy spirit. The church must recognize this ministry more and more and given more training in the seminary and to pastors to cast out demons before conducting any service . Anybody who is a Christian can cast out demons , Every baptized Christian by virtue is a priest, Prophet and King  to intercede, Proclaim and Exercise authority against the oppressed people. The best way to exercise the Authority by ourselves, if we feel any bondage in our lives , we must take the authority given by Jesus  to us and command that Evil Spirit to get out from our own life. This is the best and more effective of the exorcism prayer we can practice in our  own life. Parents must cast out the Evil spirits which trouble their children like bondage to the technology, spirit of Laziness so on. You need not do it loudly but do it in authority and faith in the quietness of your heart.
  2. Healing :Sickness is not a plan of God but man made. when we completely rely upon ourselves , World or Evil , the sickness or the physical system becomes faulty and stops functioning as it is suppose to function. Most of the sicknesses are caused by the Evil habits. Some are caused due to the Worldly desires like money and possessions and some are caused due to our fleshly desires like love of our body, position and pride of our heart.    Whenever we are sick , we must first pray for healing in the Authority of Jesus then go to the Doctors for medicine. In ancient time when there were no doctors or advanced medicine, people completely relied upon the healing power of God. Medicine is not an alternative of God but is a gift of God and we must not rely completely upon the medicine but must consume them from the hands of God. Some sicknesses are caused due to our ancestral connection,  these sicknesses are Sacrificial and must be taken from the hands of God for the Salvation of our ancestors and pray for the whole world. These sicknesses are a blessing in disguise , we take part in the sufferings of Christ to save the World. These sicknesses are given to only those people who are saved or in the process of Salvation. There is no explanation for these sufferings nor any biblical references, we can take the example of biblical person Mary  or Joseph who went through all suffering for the Salvation of the whole World.
  3. Preach : The good news of Jesus must be preached to the whole world. This is a Command given to every Christian who has been transformed in to Jesus likeness. if someone imitates Jesus in actions and teaches others to do the same becomes a little Jesus on this Earth. We are called out to carry on the Business of our Father in Heaven. If we evangelize others through our actions and word of God , we engage in God’s Business in our life. If a person  transforms completely in to the image of God, he or she can not follow the world or self but God alone and fully engage in the Work of love and preach the good news of Jesus to the captives.

The Gospel of Jesus is so much filled with love , gentleness , mercy , justice and                    peace, there is nothing in this World which we can compare to the Gospel. If                        someone  does not receives this message , then he or she condemn themselves                    before God for not accepting the good news. So there is no excuse after someones               death who  has not accepted Jesus the light world and preferred to live in the                         corrupt ideologies  of   this   dark world . They can say I was ignorant and did                    not know  the light of the World, then the book of life will testify the dust of every                     Evangelist who pleaded to that soul with the light of the Gospel and left behind                the dust of refusal as a testimony  of refusal. This is not to accuse or condemn the                     soul but  to  prove God’s constant act of mercy and love.

. The sense of repentance comes  by listening to the Word of God , repentance builds            faith  in Jesus who become our hope of Salvation. This hope transforms us in to love          of God . This love makes us like him on this Earth. So preaching is the primary goal            of every Christian. Church must engage people in preaching at least one hour in a                Week  .

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