People who live in Worldly Wealth without love, live in the Kingdom of Evil.

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 29, 2019

Today’s Readings:

Amos 6:1a, 4-7
Ps 146:(1b) 7-10
1 Timothy 6:11-16
Luke 16:19-31
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

He said, ‘Oh no, father Abraham,
but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’
Then Abraham said, ‘If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets,
neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.

There is famous song in Bollywood , the lyrics are ..”a person in search of  success in life , reached far away from life”. The life for a human being in the World is success. The failures are taken as Sin , Curse or Hell. To achieve this success , the human starts running in a rate race of success . All actions of life pointed towards worldly success and better life.

The  Worldly success to a person who does not understand love comes from the Evil. All blessings or gifts given to a human being , to build  people in love. If the human uses these gifts or blessings for his selfish interest then these very gifts or blessings become a curse and punishment. Satan was given all the gifts so that he use them to glorify God but Pride entered in Satan and he started using these very gifts against God and made himself God. The time we use our gifts and blessings for our selfish reasons to build our own kingdom and be the boss of our own life, we resemble Satan and follow his kingdom. Satan gives Worldly wealth and Success and even educates them by giving good education to earn high profile positions and salaries to turn the human away from God’s love.So it is a wrong conception to think that the worldly successful man on this Earth is blessed by God.

People even prompted by the evil to go abroad leaving their families and children as young as six months old to become rich and imitate other so called rich people in the society. Devil comes to steal and destroy , when the head of the family is away , the evil enters the family and destroys the husband and Father’s love in a family. The Husbands run after riches of the World and lose their own Wife’s and Children.

Our Christian Vocation does not depend upon the Worldly Success or riches of this World but depend upon Christian Values or Gospel Values. The Beatitudes clearly indicate our Christian life upon this Earth. When we live the life of Beatitudes  and worldly riches follows us ,it is an indication that these riches must be used for the glory of God and for our selfish use. God provides for every Christian who follow him, either he is a family man or clergy  but God provides for the needs and not for luxury.  If he provides extra wealth, it is not for our Luxury or accumulation but for sharing and to be used to build the people of God in love and service.

If a Christian accumulates Wealth like making more than one house or building big Bank balances then it is a Sin. We are blocking the Blessings of other poor people. We are only the instrument of grace and this grace must pass on to downwards and can not be blocked by us. In a family , if one person is successful and rich and others are not , it is a clear indication that he has been blessed so that he or she must pass on that blessings to other siblings but he or she thinks of her own doing then they are robbing the blessings of their siblings. In the book of life, on the Judgement day , the Lord will ask these people of their stealing and judge for their life.

If the Church is not a sharing & loving Church , it is not from the Lord. Early Christians brought all their belongings and distributed equally among everyone. There was not a single person who was in need because no one claimed his own possession as his own but shared among everyone.

To the people who are spelled by the riches of the Devil can not understand the Ten commandments or love of God or Beatitudes. These kind of people follow God only for Worldly Blessings and success and Worldly peace and happiness. If any persecution arise due to the challenges of the Beatitudes , they run from one shrine to the other to seek the success and not to seek love. For these people if any man rises from death and warns them , they will only give names to them. This is the reason , once the man dies does not comes back to life. Even Jesus who rose from the dead was misunderstood by many religions and till today live in that misconception and stop believe  in him as a Messiah.The scientist use their knowledge to bring half truth theories and ideologies to the World to make themselves famous and for wealth, these are the inspirations of the Evil Spirits.





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