Christian by Faith v/s Christian by Obligations of the Law.

Wednesday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time
October 23, 2019

Today’s Readings:Romans 6:12-18
Ps 124:1b-8
Luke 12:39-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings: sin is not to have any power over you,
since you are not under the law but under grace.

The obligation of the Law makes a person perfectionist or disciplined in nature. The discipline or perfectionism is good, provided we have a goal to achieve in life. A disciplined life lived without a goal is useless because we are not marching ahead in life but just live a life in circles for survival .  For Example When we do 9-5 job , if our aim is to finish those hours by doing our assigned work in perfection without having any mission or goal in our job , then the job which we do becomes a formality or obligation. These category of people remain as good workers and retire as good workers with pensions to carry on their survival and die a decent death with decent burial. But  some of the employees are different , though they do 9-5 Job , their vision is beyond what their working hours , they want to achieve something beyond in their life and they chase the Horizon of their life and become great people for their thoughts and achievements and die as heroes to be remembered for generations.

A christian life is not a life of obligation and formalities or a decent lived life of 70 or 80 years. An atheist can live this kind of life much better than a Christian who lives a life in obligations and Law. If we keep the ten commandments and all church teachings and obligation but if we do not have the love of God , then there is no much difference in the life of an atheist and a christian by Law. A christian is a christian by faith in Jesus Christ, his trust is in his name and his only goal to live for him and die with him. Jesus pours out the Holy spirit, the God’s love upon every person who believes in his name and equips him with gifts and fruits of his love to build the Kingdom of love.

God expects more from the people who have experienced his love. The people who have not experienced God’s love , can not give God’s love to others or part take to build the kingdom of love, so God does not expect much from these people. The grace of the Holy spirit keeps us away from Sin and temptation. This is purely a gift of the Holy spirit. We see many Christians living a holy life through the grace of the Holy spirit. We can not live a Christian life without the grace of the Holy spirit . If we act by following the Law and church obligations , giving alms, acts of charity  so on , all these acts become self satisfaction or obligatory activities and there is no God’s love in those actions.

God’s Salvation is a gift of the Holy spirit and must be lived through grace , gifts and reliance on the Holy spirit and not through self motivated or self sacrificed actions. Many people do many things in their life in the name of Christ but the grace and love of God is completely absent in their life. They live a life of Hypocrisy , Sin can not be controlled by self discipline or self motivation but only through the grace of God. When we confess our sins, repentance is required than the guilt of our sins.So the Sacrament of Confession gives us the grace to repent of our Sins and stay away from that Sin and temptation in the future. The guilt of our sins brings remorse and sadness and becomes one more obligation of our life without grace , these kind of confessions are no effect because there is no repentance and grace ,and the same repetition of sins again again is the clear sign of absence of the grace.

All sacraments must be lived in the grace  and gifts of the holy spirit and  not through our self disciplined or self motivated or self sacrificed life. If we live our life without grace , then there is no difference between Christians and other way of life. There are much better self- disciplined, self -motivated, self -sacrificed ways of life than Christian way of life in this World , the only difference between Christians and them is we are people live in grace and through gifts  and fruits of the Holy spirit. We must completely rely on God’s mercy , Grace and love alone. The grace filled life is above the life of discipline and sacrifice , a life of love and care which Mother Theresa discovered in her life.









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