Our whole life is a Spiritual Warfare between good and Evil

Thursday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time
October 24, 2019

Today’s Readings:Romans 6:19-23
Ps 1:1-4, 6 (with 40:5)
Luke 12:49-53
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


“I have come to set the earth on fire,
and how I wish it were already blazing!

Fire is the symbol of life and love. Fire represents the Holy spirit. Fire purifies the products in to fine and pure in nature.  Fire burns all rubbish and preserves the good content of the product. If we study the history of the early years of mankind and the stone age , man discovered fire and all the tools , technology, Engineering , Electricity  and the modern inventions are products purified in fire and heat. We can not live without fire , if we try we reach to the stone age with in a day.

The characteristics of Spiritual fire is similar to the material fire , Jesus himself was that fire came in to this World to separate the mankind from the Earthen dust or materiastic World ,which they used to Worship in the material age . Jesus  died on the Cross and set the World on fire of the Holy spirit, Holy spirit gives life to the World . We can not live without the help of the Holy spirit. The Holy spirit is working in today’s world in each and every areas of the World. The governments, constitutions, administrations, enforcement agencies, Courts , Church , Families, Education institutions, Corporate Companies , different religions, societies and more over in every person’s Conscience. The main work of these institutions are to divide the good from evil and retain the truth. There is no organisation in this world who want to uplift Evil and it’s goal is to achieve Evil.

When Holy spirit is working to do good, Evil Spirit is working to bring obstructions and misleads people and draws them to the materialistic world. So we see corruptions, hatred, racialism, selfishness so on in the  institutions including our families. But Holy spirit  inspires individuals in zeal and fire and eradicates the Evil from this World. This spiritual Warfare will continue till the Evil completely burnt by the fire of the Holy spirit.

This spiritual warfare goes on with in ourselves between our choices and will , with in our families between choice of love and selfishness. When these warfare’s fought , we can not expect peace in our families or societies. These include great sacrifice, suffering , persecutions and even death, but all these revolutions are part of the Spiritual warfare. If we fight our fight for truth and righteousness , then we are the Soldiers of the spirit of truth but if we fight to gain and gather the rubbish things of this World then we are the soldiers of the Corruption of Evil.

Jesus fought this warfare and empowered us with fire of the Holy spirit.  Jesus destroyed the power of Evil on the Cross and gave us the gift of Salvation. Jesus made our Spiritual warfare easy through the grace of the Holy spirit. Those who put their trust in Lord Jesus , they are delivered from Evil and filled with the mighty power of Holy spirit. When we are with  the Lord , the battle  is his and we  need only to believe in his mercy and love and be faithful to the true values , come what may , not  to compromise with the Evil values but to trust him alone.


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