Transformation Experience in the Spirit of love is the need of the hour

But I tell you, if you do not repent,
you will all perish as they did!

Saturday October 26, 2019


Romans 8:1-11
Psalm 24:1-6
Luke 13:1-9

At the beginning of the reflection I remember a childhood story , when the buffaloes walk along , one buffalo started laughing   at the other Buffalo saying it is naked , not realizing that it is naked as well.  In Today’s world we have many critics ,some are intellectual critics and others are neighborhood critics but criticism or blame game is ideal , if  we are perfect in all areas of  our life. As per the Word of God , no man is perfect and can not be perfect as long as he or she has the mortal body in this World.

Jesus came up with a  Salvation  plan which was beyond our mortal bodies ,   one single plan to believe in Jesus and believe that he has taken our sins on his body and died for our sins and resurrected on the third day by the power of the Holy spirit.  This is the central message which has to repeat in our life 24/7 365 days.

Jesus says in today’s Gospel unless or until if you do not repent for your sins and offer it to Jesus for forgiveness, you will perish or lose your Salvation or go to hell. This is a very harsh or scaring message . People have taken salvation or truth or Gospel or Christianity for fancy or for granted in their life. St. Paul says if the spirit of Christ does not dwell in our heart, we do not belong him. Again one more very harsh and scaring statement from St.Paul.

The Baptism or transformation or Born Again experience is the first step of Salvation Experience. This experience must be carried forward through the direction of the Holy spirit who dwells in our heart. This life is called life in the Spirit. The Spirit of God takes control of our Body, mind and Spirit and starts leading at every step of our life.  Prophet Isiah says he will prompt in our ears whether to take right or left. If we have the fellowship with the Spirit of God and live a life according to his inspiration , we experience heaven on this Earth.

Many Christians by birth , do not have this Baptism experience in their life because of their infant Baptism. The Church offers many life in the Spirit Seminars and Renewal Retreats which open up our Baptismal grace and activate our fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  I heard one Catholic Priest’s Testimony , he says I was in the Seminary for 12 years and a priest for 25 years , celebrating Eucharist every day but still did not have a fellowship or personal experience of the Spirit in his heart, until he attended a renewal Retreat for Priests. Today he is so much zealous for the Lord , he does not waste a single moment of his life but to spread the Love of God to the people who need repentance. Our Priests need renewal retreats or personal Experience of the Holy spirit so that they can serve the Lord more effectively and open to the Works of the Holy spirit.

We need to check every morning and evening that whether we have the spirit of God living in our lives. When we sit before the Lord in personal prayer and examination of conscience , we can understand how far we are from the love of God. The more near we try to come to the Lord,  the more  far we feel from him but experience his  love and presence greater  than before. We need repentance and transformation every day of our life, if we do not live the Salvation with reverence and fear , we may lose the Spirit of God in our life or we tell him to get out of our life by hurting him through our actions and not listening to his promptings or the message of the Gospel.

The spirit of God is gentle and humble full of love, always tries to convince us to change our life and  pleads us to let him in so that we may have life in abundance. If we are adamant till our last breath , the free package of Salvation expires with our death. We will be facing  the same Spirit of God on the Judgement  seat and judging our every action and the grievances recorded in the book of life. On that day the accuser  Satan will claim every disobedient soul and how sad it is for God’s creation to perish in eternal damnation which has been made for Satan and his angels. It is not sad how many people die in tragedies and accidents but it is sad many people die without repentance or being transformed in the spirit of love of God.   So repentance and living a righteous life in him is the need of the hour .




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