Our tiny acts of Faith,hope and love can change the corrupt world in to a just World.

Tuesday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time
October 29, 2019

Today’s Readings:Romans 8:18-25
Ps 126:1b-6
Luke 13:18-21
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.

The great visionaries , great entrepreneurs, revolutionists, Evangelists, missionaries, poets did not see the fruits of their works at the beginning of their work. They believed in their little thoughts  and hoped for the fulfillment of their belief. Sometimes they failed miserably and people gave them names but they hoped in their belief  and endured their work without giving up their hope.

The Whole World has been created in it’s goodness and human as it’s steward and caretaker. The corruption of Sin has disfigured the Creation and human and shrunk the original nature of  the creation and the human. When a human being looks at a particular work of creation in  it’s original  nature in faith , hopes to take shape of it’s original nature in hope and works towards it in sincerity and humbleness , a miracle takes place or a mystery has been revealed in that work of the Creation. The tiny Work of our hands turns in to a massive mountain which is beyond our imagination and expectation.

We must get involved in activities where there is no hope and put our little works of charity with faith and hope, and the hopeless situation turns out in to a massive useful activity. The Whole World and all human beings are Creation of God and were made in his image and goodness. The Evil has suppressed the creation and human beings through false believes and confusion. When we believe in the true nature of it’s function and work towards it in hope, we come out of the suppression in to the original nature . This can be done by believing in ourselves with the authority of stewardship received from the Creator or believe in the Creator to recreate the things in hope and love.

But if we believe in the selfish nature or in the Evil nature to gather and scatter, and work towards it ,then this formula results in the opposite reaction because  we do not exercise our faith in the creator or exercise our own Authority  to the goodness of  the creation. This brings destruction , many dictators , false ideologists, selfish theories, false ways of life are the examples for this destruction. Many follow these ideologies , dictators, theories and false ways of life and come in to greater bondage in their life. These bondage’s are continued from generation to generation , we must sow the good news of hope in to their heart and the seed of hope will grow in to a tree of Salvation in their heart and true image of themselves is exposed in to it’s original nature where God’s Spirit at the center of their heart



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