God’s Spirit leads us like a Father leads his child .

Wednesday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time
October 30, 2019

Today’s Readings:Romans 8:26-30
Ps 13:4-6
Luke 13:22-30
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


“The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness;
for we do not know how to pray as we ought,
but the Spirit himself intercedes with inexpressible groanings.
And the one who searches hearts
knows what is the intention of the Spirit,
because he intercedes for the holy ones
according to God’s will.”

The spiritual journey of our life can be seen in the route map of the life in the Spirit  and on the reflection of the Word of God written in the same spirit. If we understand the Words of the spirit in human mind and Worldly context we will be completely mislead by it’s purpose.  We need the Holy spirit in each and every mode of our life like navigation to a driver or an atlas to sea men. The spiritual journey can not be lead through human wisdom or knowledge but only through God’s Wisdom the spirit of God. God has called every human being before the foundation of the World , he has predestined all the purposes of his life in love. God’s purpose is always good because God  wants to give his image of love to every human who is confused on the way of life.

God’s ways are not on Worldly ascending order but on descending order. God loves the poor in Spirit or who accepts himself poor in spirit. A humble person is one who seek God’s mercy in each and every situation of his life. Jesus in the Gospel says to walk in Narrow door , in narrow we always need help and can not carry anything excess of our life. The only help is the Spirit of God who will help us to walk in this door of dependency  and live as a servant of God’s Spirit. How wise or successful we may be in Worldly matters but to understand God’s ways , we need the help of the spirit of God. If we rely upon the spirit of God , he leads us like a Father leads his child by holding the hands  safe and secure .

God has created the human to know him and love him alone and nothing else. So our only duty to love him in all things and believe that  all things will be good for us , though they may look troublesome or evil in human wisdom. Human mind is deceptive but Spirit of God is always faithful in his promise of love of giving us good things in our life. If we have spirit of God in our heart and pray to God through his inspiration and groaning we will be revealed all the mysteries of  God in our life, in our calling or our assignment in that area of life.

To accomplish God’s will is the purpose of our life. What is God’s Will ? God’s love or the image of God to be sealed or imprinted in every human being is the purpose of  God for man. If the man plans anything other than the love of God , it is worldly and not according to the will of God. Sometimes we do many things in our life to please God and one another but these very many things of our life are not relied by the  Spirit of  God’s love then it is a waste of time and waste of life. After our death we may expect a reward to enter the presence of God  but our selfish egoistic ways will block us to enter his presence . If we try to enter or live our life by our own wisdom or broad door we will end our life outside the presence of God but if we live our life through wisdom of the spirit the narrow door , we will enter the presence of God. God’s Spirit knows the route to heaven and the will of all the Holy ones of Heaven because he is God himself so he can not go wrong in the journey of life.



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