Faith is a trusting Relationship

Today‘s Readings:

Isaiah 4:2-6
Ps 122:1-9
Matthew 8:5-11
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof;
only say the word and my servant will be healed.
For I too am a man subject to authority,

Faith is a trusting relationship of Man with God. God encounters each and every person in this World with his contenence, it can be through various encounters of our life situations. We must recognise his Contenence in this Busy life of ours. God always reveals his love first to every human being despite of his Religion, Colour or any state of life. God reveals his face in a supernatural Personification, this personification can be through a pillar of fire or a cloud or through a Prophet or Priest or through any brother or sister or an incident in our life. God reveals his love and protection to us through out our life but we are not able to recognise the hand of God in our life.

In life there are no coincidences or matter of luck but only grace and mercy. The Whole universe is full of his mercy and love and controlled by it , the Evil has corrupted the human response system to his love and mercy but not the Natural Law.

There is a system already in place i.e. God opened his channel of love, mercy, protection. Our job is only to response or receive this love of God. The response or inlet system has been blocked or corrupted in our life and the grace of God is not able to pass freely in to our system.

Faith is that sucking pump which receives the love of God in a highest measure. If we recognise God’s hand in each and every area of our life and respond to him in the way of truth and love by trusting him that he is the author or controller of that activity then we can see God’s hand more clearly taking over the situation. So faith is a trusting relationship, this relationship can be built in our day today trust in God’s mercy and love. When we build our trust in God, we build our faith and can see the mighty hand of God in our life.

God is always there to protect, heal, deliver and comfort us but it is our weak response or Weak faith which is not able to see him or recognise him. Faith is recognising our unworthyness to God’s Favour , himility and righteousness makes our faith full. We see many self righteous miracle workers who call themselves worthy and exrcise their faith to the promises of Christ and claim great healings and Wonders. If God does not make us worthy to receive his promises , all the claims or miracles done in self righteousness does not come from God. When we think we hv done great works for the Lord, we must think that we have done what we are suppose to do and wait upon the Lord for his justice and reward and not claim our reward or think that we deserve the reward. This is the real faith in anticipation which the Centurion showed Jesus in the Gospel.

When we exercise our faith the sacrifices or persecutions are common because we are exercising our faith against Evil and adopted Worldly Culture if Idolism. There will be opposition, denial or even death in big matters of faith but a person who holds his faith till the end will be saved and enter in to the Kingdom of God.

The more and more we exercise our faith, the more and more we build our relationship with God because his hand becomes more visible to us in our normal life. Prayer life builds our relationship with God but we must put this prayer experience in to action like Mother Theresa and Theresa of Child Jesus. We must exercise our faith in the field of Charity , intercession , evangelisation and see God face to face.

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