Meeting Point

Beyond the Horizon there is always a meeting point beween Earth and the Sky. This is the meeting point where Sun sets and moon rises to the Sky. There is a meeting point between the Earth and Heaven. We must seek God at this meeting point. In every life situation there is a meeting point between Heaven and Earth. We must go beyond the Earthly reality and meet a point where the Heavenly realm starts or reality meets to a point to a supernatural reality.

This meeting point is very important in search of God in every situation. The Natural Law inspires us to do right or do the things naturaly and in order. But World is in confusion and man is not able to understand the right order of life. The only being who can show us the right order is the Creator himself who is the author of our life. We can not see God in the busy life. We seek God in Worship places, prayer services, and in Various ministries but how to seek God in our daily activity ?. We must learn to seek God in every situation of our life. God is present in every situation either good or bad, happy or sad, holy or Evil . When we look at the situation beyond the Worldly reality which is meeting with God’s Word or image of God or mercy of God or love of God then we can see the hand of God in that situation. We must learn to reflect our daily life situations and understand the Will of God in that situation. At the meeting point we see the image of God which is the will and reality of our life and not the Worldly reality. We must see Worldly reality leading or meeting the love and truth. This is an exercise which must practice in our daily life.

For Example when we wait upon Worldly reality to subside and Heavenly realm to show , we encounter God’s hand in the situation. We must wait upon God to show his hand in every situation. The Preachers preach to wait upon the Lord but if we do not try to cooperate to forget the reality in one eye and see the invisible hand of God and his purpose in that situation we will not be able to see God in our life. God can not showup completely in the situation but we must cooperate to close our one eye to the Worldly reality. This is called human divine relationship where God extends his hand in the situation but we must extend our hand towards him. If we do not seek God’s hand in every situation ,that activity becomes a human activity, how good it may look like or how well we respond to it in drscipline.

The Meeting point applies in every human activity like written Scriptures, the Church, Sacraments, Statues so on. We must see the Scriptures beyond the written letters or Worldly writeups by understanding the Profile of the Writer and the Context and the Audiences. When we try to look what the Writer is telling us to say about his inspiration we can understand the real Worldly situation but we must go beyond written Scriptures, we must receive them in the same Spirit or put our legs in their shoes and apply them by reflecting and acting upon them. In Word to Word preaching we can not see complete Truth or hand of God, a half truth preached is always a lie where people confused about the true image of God.

In Prayer we must look beyond our reciting oral prayers. Rosary is such a reflective prayer where Heaven opens to the believer through the intercession of Mary , Joseph and Jesus. The reciting of repeated prayers must take us to those truths or mysteries of Heaven otherwise they remain only a lip service and no hand of God can be seen in those prayers. If we pray to statues of Jesus or Mary or Saints , our thoughts must be beyond the Worldly material which are the experiences and the inspiration and intercessions of those statues of the Holy People, otherwise we become one more idol admirer or Worshipper. The Sacraments and the Church are other Examples of looking beyond the visible things and looking at the hand of God in those activity. Liturgy is one more act of the hand of God in the Worldly action.

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