Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent
December 17, 2019

Today’s Readings:Genesis 49:2, 8-10
Ps 72:1-4ab, 7-8, 17
Matthew 1:1-17
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


Who is Lord Jesus Christ to us? Is he a historical man who is like any other historian? Is he an Iconic Image who  revolutionised  the Society with his teaching and preaching? Is he a imaginary  supernatural power who fulfills our needs like a genie?  Is he like one of our human Father or brother or teacher ?

As per my reflections , Jesus Christ is a supernatural encounter or experience in our life which transforms our life in to that experience or power.  The Apostles lived with the person of Jesus for many years but were not transformed in to his likeness , but on the day of Pentecost , they had a supernatural encounter with his Spirit and transformed in his likeness. In our life  too  we may also live with a person of Jesus through daily routines, rituals, liturgies, readings, fellowship, charity so on but, if we do not have supernatural Pentecost encounter with  his Spirit and transformed in to his likeness , we too remain Carnal or people who follow Jesus in a human figure but not as a Spiritual encounter or experience.

Early Christians experienced Jesus first then they got baptised by the Apostles by immersion  in the water and laying on Hands as a confirmation and Witness to this experience. But in our modern World , the Christianity has taken a opposite mode, people are baptised first in ritual or in a ceremony  and then grow in faith to experience Jesus in a personal encounter. Church introduced this ceremonial Baptism so that a person who want to seek Jesus experience, can grow in faith in stages through the various graces of the Sacraments and come in to the full knowledge of truth. The genealogy of Jesus which we find in today’s first reading helps us the true identity of Jesus and plan of Salvation before the foundation of the Earth. God’s every action ,in fact  the creation itself is the testimony of the saving love of God. Bible gives us the Covenant love of God through chosen race to bring the whole mankind in to the full knowledge of truth . Bible tells us the plan of Salvation the love of God was there for us right from the beginning and came in it’s fullness through Jesus Christ.

So Jesus is not an individual or a person of our stature but an experience of saving mercy of God  or an experience of Salvation or an experience of God’s Love. Jesus was born as an individual person two thousand years ago but today to experience Jesus we must encounter him in faith and hope in Spirit. We can not follow him or his teachings like other great personalities of this World but we must be one with him in Spirit. This is true Baptism or Christian ( I am Christ).  It is not enough to follow the teaching and values of Christ but must be transformed in Spirit in the likeness of Christ. This what happened to the Apostles on the day of Pentecost. When they were praying and waiting upon him by trusting his death and resurrection, the Spirit of Jesus Came upon them and transformed them in to his image and likeness.

We also must wait upon the Lord in Prayer in each and every activity by believing  in the merits of his death and resurrection to transform according to his plan. This is act of faith which every Christian must learn to live in their daily life, otherwise our daily activities no other than the normal Worldly activity which requires transformation or Salvation of Christ. This art of living Christian life is exciting because great mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed to the one who believes in the transformation.

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