Truth is Revealed to the World only through Jesus Christ.

Friday of Christmas Week
January 3, 2018

Today’s Readings:1 John 2:29–3:6
Ps 98:1, 3cd-6
John 1:29-34
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


No one who remains in him sins;
no one who sins has seen him or known him. – 1 John 3:6

Today’s readings have much to say about our double minded or stereo type of life. Righteousness comes from God alone . When we focus on God’s  righteousness, Justice , mercy, peace, vindication and live a life hoping in God’s Saving power in the working of Holy spirit  in our life, we become righteous before God. The self righteous behavior makes us double minded , ritualistic and stereo type . The self righteousness is self centered life which the World has adopted in the modern World. The self discipline,self education,  self motivation, self determination, self growth are the products or processes of self righteousness which makes a man right as per his mind but not before God. But the discipline, motivation, education,determination  adopted in the  light of the Gospel and in the inspiration of the Holy spirit makes a person right before God. For example the abortion is the product or process to control population by Science or education but if it is controlled as per the church teachings through natural self controlled family planning , it becomes God centered or right before God. In the same way we who follow Christ must inculcate the values of Christ in each and every action and renounce the Worldly ways which make us self centered and sinful.

Humans do not have the capacity to know the truth because the World is in a confused state. The truth has been manipulated by Religions, Political parties, entrepreneurs, Cultures and traditions and man is in a confused state to choose the various options of truths of the World. Jesus Christ who came from God, as John Baptist witnesses his messianic approach and professes that he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World. The truth can come only from the author and creator of life who created all things good. So those who follow the values of Jesus Christ, always live in truth and right before God. No person can say he follow Jesus the truth and live in the lies of the World the Sin , then it is clear that he or she does not know Jesus Christ or does not know the truth. If a person knows the truth , he can not live in the lies of the World. We can not pretend in Christian life , it is dangerous to live truth and lies of the World , it is impossible to live holy and sinful lives. I have seen many people who are in the initial stage of renewal are always in a transition period where they acknowledge their sinfulness and pray for his mercy but struggle to come out of it , this stage is a process of renewal and always God’s Spirit is in control of our lives though we sin in that period because there is a spiritual warfare fought between principalities of light and darkness. But if a person lives in this transition period through out his life then  there is something wrong with his knowing of Christ or the truth. They have not encountered Jesus Christ fully but partially and then again gone back to the rut of this Worldly life. These Christians are lukewarm Christians who are Bastards as per the Worldly language who follow both God and Devil as their Father. God hates these kind of people , these are the hypocrites of Jesus time. Jesus loved sinners but was very angry upon the Hypocrites.

When we live a life in faith in Christ values  or  as per the Gospel or of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit  we are begotten or adopted by God as his sons and daughters. A self righteous person  is a self made Christian and not begotten or adopted by God and hence can not be his heir or Child of God. Many Christians do not understand this point and live a Worldly life and name themselves as prosperous , successful  and self made Christians. There can not be truth other than Jesus Christ because no person has descended from  God and  after death ascended to Heaven. No religion or Scientist or technology has descended from Heaven or resurrected from death but all have died a death of a normal human being .  Jesus Christ is the only Person who Baptizes us with the Spirit of God and takes away our sinful nature and make us divine like him. The Son of God becomes Son of Man so that Sons of Men may transform in to Sons  and daughters of God . Holy Eucharist is the symbol of this Communion between and Man and God and an act of Salvation.



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