A True Christian & people of truth and integrity have been designated to choose the right Leader.

Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time

Memorial of Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr
January 21, 2020

Today’s Readings:1 Samuel 16:1-13
Ps 89:20-22, 27-28
Mark 2:23-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

How long will you grieve for Saul,
whom I have rejected as king of Israel?

When people in authority fail to fulfill their duty or bias in their  dealings , God rejects those leader from the Authority. Every Christian is a Prophet like Samuel who is suppose to listen to the Lord and appoint a leader in our own time. If the Leader fails to do his duty , Lord says to find another one who is more humble and obedient to God’s Word.

Samuel was fearful to face Saul but the Lord says to anoint  a Shepherd Boy who does not have any experience or maturity. Samuel looks at the appearance of other brothers of David but God tells him not to look at the Human standards like intelligence, knowledge, personality, education so on and rejects all of them. We also make similar mistakes like Samuel in choosing our Leaders but God calls us to see the Heart or Spirit which obeys and listens to the Voice of God. Listening to the inner voice of God and obeying to the voice is the greatest wisdom on this Earth. We do not require education or any religious studies to do this but sit quietly in silence and listen to our Conscience where God speaks to us in the silence of our heart.

Every Christian or a person of truth and integrity is anointed to be a Prophet. These righteous people must decide who has to be the Leader of our nation or leader of our church, society, company so on. One of the effective way is through intercessory prayer, where we pour out our anguish and grievance of our heart   to the Lord and ask his guidance . The Lord speaks to his intercessors with a specific burden or task to carry on like Samuel  to  appoint people of obedience as Leaders to rule nations, Enterprises, Church, Institutions so on. A bad leader can disturb peace and Harmony in the Country and Society but through our constant intercession we can decide who has to be in the Authority and reject the proud and disobedient.

Every Christian has been anointed with a three fold ministry of King , Prophet and Priest to Guide, Intercede and Proclaim . If we are fearful like Samuel against the evil forces of our Society then we do not perform our duties of Baptism. We must pray and intercede against Evil legislation  and act upon the guidance of the Church to appoint a new leadership in our Country, Church or Society. If we only grieve like Samuel did in today’s first reading , the Lord is telling us to listen to him and anoint a new Leader David who had God’s heart.

In our time democracy  has turned in to Majocracy , Majority does not reveal the truth and integrity. We see in today’s World people of majority choosing their own Leader to oppress the minority and the refugees to gain their evil selfish and egoistic lifestyle. If there is no truth and true love in any leadership then that leadership becomes self centered and selfish. A true leadership is a leadership of love and service. This kind of leadership is not Bias but treats everyone equally and protects poor ,oppressed and the refugees. They are not double minded but act always fairly to everyone.

Every Leader has been appointed and commissioned with God’s Love to pass on that love to all the People but if the Leader fails to love their subordinates and oppress and persecute them then God’s hand of Anger will come upon them and they will be rejected as Leaders. Today specially pray for our Nation which is disturbed on bias legislation and  to achieve selfish agendas , may God  lead us to a Leader like David the King.


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