Choosing to love is not a choice but a commitment .

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 23, 2020

Today’s Readings:Leviticus 19:1-2, 17-18
Ps 103:1-4,8,10,12-13
1 Corinthians 3:16-23
Matthew 5:38-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


Love surpasses all differences of this World . Any Law , movement, sacrifices , rights, Constitutions, religions , families, individuals , societies, cultures not built in love then the spirit of love ( Holy spirit)  does not live in these institutions. If any institution built without the spirit of love , built on human wisdom or  the spirit of  selfishness. These kind of institutions will not last long  and the destiny will be disastrous due to wrong ingredient or material used to build these institutions. We can not blame God for destruction because we have used a wrong choice and landed in state of confusion. when our choices are not of love oriented ,  then these very choices lead us to destruction, how  good or modern or disciplined or educated or  sacrificial they may look like .

Love was the basic plan of God. The theology of God’s existence is love because God is love. The absence of love is  Sin . Sin is an offence against God’s love( Holy spirit). When we make a choice not to love , we reach the territory  of the absence of the Holy spirit and at this juncture the Evil enters our life and destroys us. God does not destroy us but Evil destroys us   in the absence of love. This is the reason we have to make love as center of our lives decision, it may be our children , daily bread , career, nations, cultures, way of life, so on . The whole World belongs to us but we must belong to Christ , redeemed in his love and filled with the Holy spirit. The whole World is beautiful in the presence of Christs love , in the absence of love of  Christ the World is a corrupt and miserable place to live upon.

In love  we can correct our brothers and sisters , in love we can protest , in love we live like pagans and adopt their cultures , but our main motive to spread the love of Christ and we do not have any part of this Worldliness, though it may look evil as long as Christ’s spirit lives in us. Love surpasses all false worships, love surpasses all differences of this World, love breaks every bondage of evil, love  transforms the hearts of our enemies. Prayer  and rituals made without love and  compassion is a waste of time. This had happened when Jewish people were following Law in letters or in their minds but not in true spirit of love and truth. This kind of spirituality nullified the Law or God’s Word without any effect in their life.  If charity is not followed with our Prayer and Sacrifices then our prayers and sacrifices are void and nullified in it’s nature because the Spirit of love does manifest in our prayers.

Choosing to love is not a choice but a commitment , a commitment does not see the consequences  but come what may  choose to love in good time or in persecution or trials. We need this kind of Spirituality in our time. The differences or grey areas of our society is an opportunity to testify God’s love. God permits these differences as part of the Creation to fulfill the Salvation in this World. The emerging of different religions and ideologies is part God’s love to his people. The prodigal Father permitted the prodigal son to exercise his free will and these consequences of his free will led him to temptations but  the father waited for him with his open arms with a compassionate heart and prayer. This was  one activity  of God’s love where  God’s love, freewill, temptations, Evil, hatred , disaster , reconciliation and transformation was involved in one action.   This is part of God’s love towards his people which permits to choose love and hatred in free will. Love does not have choice at all but a firm commitment of loving , giving and forgiving.


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