Relationship with Jesus make us worshipers of Spirit and Truth.

Believe me, woman, the hour is coming
when you will worship the Father
neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.
But the hour is coming, and is now here,
when true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth;
and indeed the Father seeks such people to worship him.
God is Spirit, and those who worship him
must worship in Spirit and truth.”

Jesus has predicted two thousand years ago that a time would come where people worship the Father neither in mountain nor in Jerusalem. If we look at the situation today people are scared  to gather publicly as a Community to Worship the Lord. To Worship our Father , do we really require a worship place? A person who has a relationship with the Father can worship him from anywhere and everywhere and do not require a specific place to Worship but the places of Worship like Church Buildings bring in a holy atmosphere and reverence to God . Jesus worshiped the Lord in all places, we can see in the Gospel , he drew early in the morning to a quiet place and prayed, he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane , he prayed in the Temple of Jerusalem so on. The most important thing in Worship is to worship in Spirit and truth.

What is Worshiping in Spirit and truth ? Lord Jesus Christ himself is the Spirit and truth, he is the Temple of God , Jesus said break  this  Temple of Stones and  I will build it in three days. Jesus was talking about his death and resurrection.  When we understand the Salvation and descending of the Holy spirit upon those who seek the Lord in Spirit and truth , we become the Body of Christ the Church. Churches are signs of God’s dwelling upon this earth , where the members of the Body of Christ come together and celebrate the liturgy in Praise , Worship, thanksgiving and eat the Body and blood of Christ. These signs can disappear one day when we encounter our Lord face to face in our personal prayers and share his body and blood  in faith in the encounter with the Lord just like two disciples of Jesus encountered Jesus and celebrated the Eucharist with him on the way to Emmaus.  Worshiping the Lord in Spirit and truth means to experience Jesus personally in our life and have a fellowship with him in truth in discipleship.

If we visit the mission stations , the masses and confessions are celebrated in the catechists houses or in the open field . I attended a confession in a cowshed where all cows were surrounded due to the privacy of the Sacrament. That confession was one of my best of the confessions ever.  God looks at our hearts and nothing else , if we pray and worship him by pouring out our heart and follow him in truth then we are the true followers of Christ . Bearing a Christian name or by receiving a ritualistic infant Baptism, a person does not become true follower of Christ but only by trusting in his mercy and love. The time spent in prayer and reflection of God’s Word takes us closer to the Lord to love the Lord through faith and hope of  Salvation. This is the center of every Christians life , rest of the things like ministry and service is the replica of God’s love which we have experienced in our Spiritual life. If we have less experience , our ministry will reflect a weaker image of Christ but if we experience the Lord in fullness , our ministry will yield a harvest of Hundred  Percent , it can be our family , church or congregation.

We must have our own fixed meeting place with our God every day  in our place. A fixed time and fixed place can make our meeting place more exciting because when we fix a time and place , the Lord waits for us at that particular time and place. As we enter the place, God’s Glory surrounds us immediately and the Spirit of God overshadows us. A time will come during this hour of prayer , one will not able to stand or sit before the Lord but knocks down to the ground due to our weak nature before God’s Spirit. We have to reach this stage of prayer where we are lost in his Spirit. This is called the true Worship of Love where Jesus was lost with the Fathers spirit in Prayer.


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