There are No Co incidents in Spiritual Life.

Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2020

Today’s Readings:1 Samuel 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a
Psalm 23:1-6
Ephesians 5:8-14
John 9:1-41
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


“Neither he nor his parents sinned;
it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.”

As we reflect Jesus Words in today’s Readings in the fourth Week of Lent , the Words of Jesus open our eyes of darkness. The main focus of these readings to identify the true light of the World Jesus Christ.  Lord reveals himself to us in various ways  in our life, he reveals himself through Sacrificial  sickness.  God does not bring Calamity or sickness in our life but if there are Calamities, Sicknesses , Sufferings which come suddenly from nowhere and we do not have any answer or remedy for these disasters , we must receive them as part of our calling or vocation. Sometimes they are difficult to understand but these very sufferings reveal the plan of God in our life .

I want to focus on the three stages of faith the man born blind professes in his journey of faith with Jesus. All of us have our own testimony , how Jesus worked in our life. Also we have our own faith journey with Jesus like the healed Blind man. As we reflect let us see ourselves who Jesus to us today in our life and which stage we are in our life.

  1. The Man called Jesus : After his healing, the Blind man testifies to his neighbors that a man called Jesus healed him. He calls Jesus a man because he did not have deeper relationship with him.  Is Jesus a good man to us who healed us and removed us away from our darkness and brought us in to light and truth.
  2. He is a prophet : When Pharisees question him, what he has to say about than man Jesus who healed him, he says Jesus is a Prophet. These incidents did not happen in one day but series of time and the man realizes Jesus as a Prophet in the second stage of his faith journey. Who is Jesus to us today to us? , is he a miracle making Prophet who gives messages and heals our diseases , do we run from one Prophet to the other to seek him.
  3. I do believe, Lord : When the man is thrown out of the synagogue for testifying Jesus, Jesus approaches him and reveals his identity of Messiah, and the healed blind man calls him Lord  and worships him. When the healed blind man testifies Jesus to the Pharisees and others , he was persecuted and Jesus reveals him.   Have we testified Jesus in difficult situations of our life and faced rejection and disappointment. Has Jesus encountered us in that situation and revealed his Lordship to us ,have we made him our Lord and Master  of our life.

The situations come in our life are the opportunities to recognize Jesus as he is , we may seek him as a good man or miraculous Prophet or Lord and Master of our life. The key is have we recognize him as he is, the Lord and Master of our life or we are still stuck in the early stages of our faith journey.   In the faith journey , there are no co incidents or disasters but every activity is related to our Spiritual journey with our Master. If we wait upon the Lord in prayer and patience, he will reveal us the purpose of that incident which always  elevates us to God’s Love and Mercy.

The Calamity   awakes us to come out of our comfort zone and walk with him one to one , not in riddles or fancies but with a committed love of sacrifice and giving. The period of Lent challenges us through this Word of God to build a one one relationship with Jesus through our Personal Prayer , family prayer and our Lord himself will minister us with his body and blood just like the two disciples on the way of Emmaus  encountered Jesus personally and ate his body and blood.




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