Urbi et Orbi- Blessing to the whole Orbit by the Pontiff of Catholic Church Pope Francis on Covid 19 Pandemic- Click the link : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VJHI8bI0LWg

Urbi et Orbi : A special Blessing given on Solemn Occasions like Christmas and Easter and gain plenary indulgences by confessing our sins , celebrating the Holy Eucharist and praying One our Father , Hail May , Glory be to the Father for the intentions of the Pope.

The pontiff  of Catholic Church represents Jesus himself and the Blessing received has special grace which we require at this point of time, where Human knowledge  is not able to counter the tragedy of Pandemic in the Whole World.

Some  Global Tragedies are beyond our understanding as an individual due to the nature and effect. When we stand as a Church with our Head of the Church Pontiff representing Jesus himself ,the tragedies are exposed and revealed with it’s purpose and instant deliverance comes in to the situation.  It is like a Global Prayer meeting  joined by the whole World , it is very powerful and lots of Blessings come to as person, family and as Community.   Please watch on following link, and join the Adoration in faith   on following   global timings                                                                                       https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VJHI8bI0LWg

India – 10.30 P.M.   ,   UK- 5P.M.,    Dubai- 9.P.M.. , Sydney – 4A.M.( 28 March) ,            Singapore 1AM ( 28th March) , USA -1.PM , Canada-1 P.M, Brazil – 2 P.M.



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