Friday in the Octave of Easter
April 17, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 4:1-12
Ps 118:1-2,4,22-27a
John 21: 1-14
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you just caught.”
So Simon Peter went over and dragged the net ashore
full of one hundred fifty-three large fish

Today’s Gospel calls us to understand the true meaning of resurrection. Jesus appeared to his disciples two times in his previous encounter and proved himself that he has truly risen from death. It looks disciples were very happy and joyful at his resurrection  but did not understand the true meaning of the resurrection and their role as Disciples in the plan of Salvation.  Jesus had  a definite  plan for his Disciples and tells them to wait till his Glorification in Heaven. Jesus appears to his Disciples again and again after his resurrection to remind their mission of establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth. Disciples get back to their daily routine of fishing but caught nothing  after toiling for  whole night . When they were depressed and disappointed at the dawn of the Day , Jesus appears them in his resurrected body but they were not able to recognize him.

The disciple who loved Jesus recognizes him when the miracle takes place. The properties of Jesus resurrected body had a combination of human and divine  body and a human who is in the curse of sin can not recognize in the human eyes but can recognize in the eyes of faith and love.  John realized the miracle and understood that there is right hand of God in the miraculous catch of fish and opened his eyes of faith and love and recognized Jesus as Lord.

Jesus makes this miracle to confirm his mission of choosing his disciples to build the new church upon this Earth. Jesus called them when they were fishing and promised them that now on they will be fishers of men. Jesus told Mary Magdalene to tell his Disciples to go to Galilee  so that he can remind them the mission he is going to give them. The 153 fish represent the Whole World  and life in abundance . As per Jewish Custom , the Greek Scientists believed that there were 153 species of fish in the Sea  and when Disciples caught the fish all 153 species of fish were there to represent all nations , religions , languages, races, classes and ages.  After the miraculous catch of the fish , the word of God says they left everything on the shore and followed  Jesus.

All Christians are disciples of Christ, resurrection season is the reminder to every Christian to enter in to a true discipleship of Christ. All Christians are called for a specific mission on this earth to build the kingdom of God by spreading the Gospel of love in actions and words. God is calling all kind of people in to the kingdom of God so we are called to love and forgive everybody on this earth and our Lord will bless everybody abundance of life. Let us reflect today have we distinguished  people on the basis of their caste, religion,nationality, financial status, lifestyle , education, colour  so on.

To experience Jesus resurrection is to get involved in his work of evangelisation which Mother Theresa did in the liturgy and service. We too do not recognize Jesus like the disciples did not recognise him for the fist time because our eyes of faith and love are shut due to the idol worship of money and Pride.  Jesus comes in the form of  one of the least brother and sister  to meet us and bless us abundantly and make us fisher of men. Let us not ignore our brothers and sisters who are in pain and suffering, help and share our resources with all the people who need them at this point of time.

Also let us follow the instructions of the Authorities just like Disciples listened to Jesus and cast the net at the right side and encountered abundant life . All the authorities represent God’s ambassadors on this Earth, let us listen to them and we will see a miracle in the World which the Whole world will see the glory of God.

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