Are we Christians by Birth or Christians by Faith.

Monday of the Second Week of Easter
April 20, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 4:23-31
Psalm 2:1-9
John 3:1-8
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

What is born of flesh is flesh
and what is born of spirit is spirit.

I was just pondering on the above word of God, Jesus said to Nicodemus. If we look in to the present spiritual condition of Christians around World , at majority the  Christians do not understand the second part of the phrase : What is born of the Spirit is Spirit , just like Nicodemus did not understand how it can happen to a grown up person.  The major problem in the Church today is people are born of the flesh or people are Christians by Birth or Christians Baptized at their Birth.  They do not have any clue how does the Spirit  take birth or transformed in to  the power of Holy spirit.

Taking birth in Spirit is an God experience in our life, where God transforms our life in to his image. The Sacrament of Baptism represent this action but most of the time , the Sacrament remains only a sign or Sacrament in our life and the Holy Spirit who is the source of this action does not activate and Christians are stuck in this state of life through out their life and die in this stage of life. Holy Spirit is the main source of our action and Hero of our life story , if  the Holy spirit is not activated in our life , we are not able to see , walk, understand, interpret, live, fight, resist our activities of life.

Holy spirit brings real meaning to our life. The Jews crucified Jesus not because they did not know the Scriptures or  followed the Scriptures word to word but they did not have the light of the  Holy spirit to interpret and understand the true essence of the Scriptures. If the Theologians  are not transformed by the Holy Spirit , all the Works of the Word of God and even the Church teaching can become a feel good or work of knowledge or a good Thesis  or a good structured Essay without essence of God’s Spirit in them. The Word of God is Spirit and truth and can be interpreted only through the light of the Spirit.

The Devil can be seen only through the power of the Holy spirit. All actions of Evil are Spirit led and if we are not in the Spirit , we can not see him because Devil is Spirit. This is the reason many Christians are not aware of the schemes of the Evil and fall as a Prey to the Evil. We can not live our Christian life without the inspiration and guidance of the Holy spirit. Early Christians were known for their actions of the Holy spirit and they were recognized because they did not live life like other  normal people in the World but lived a life according to the true light of the Holy spirit.

This kind of life is not predictable , it is like a roller coaster , sometimes it goes to the peak height and immediately goes to steep deep in to the dark dungeon  but whatever happens we know that it is fun and thrill to sit on the roller coaster because we are assured by the Spirit with in, that though it may turn upside down, come what may , we will not fall down from our seat  , only children know how much they enjoy , we need to have child like faith in the Spirit who lives in us and then we can have this daring and adventurous life in the Holy Spirit.

I lived a Worldly life of Money, Name and fame for 25 years but suddenly one day the Lord intervened in my life and released the Holy Spirit who was stuck to my ritual  sacramental practices and became alive with every Sacrament I received in my life. My life was changed, the way I took life before and the goals of life changed all together, there was a U turn in life. If we do not realize or feel the  action of the Holy Spirit in our Sacraments then the spirit in the Sacrament is dead and the Sacrament merely remain just like any worldly sign or symbol of life and there is no effect of the grace in that Sacrament.

The best way to take birth in the Spirit is to attend Charismatic Retreat Conducted by a Renewal Team in the Church. There are seven steps followed in a Disciples spiritual life where the blocks are removed from the faithful life and the Baptismal vows are renewed with full consciousness and free will. We have seen 90% of the people receive the gift of the Holy spirit  or have a God experience in their life. They experience God in real, in their life and start to walk with him , love him and then proclaim him as Disciple.

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