Our Family and Routine Work is the living Body and Liturgy of Christ.


Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 10, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 6:1-7
Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19 (with 22)
1 Peter 2:4-9
John 14:1-12
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Come to him, a living stone, rejected by human beings
but chosen and precious in the sight of God,
and, like living stones,
let yourselves be built into a spiritual house
to be a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices
acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Our families are Spiritual houses built on living stones of faith in Christ  to be holy priesthood through Baptism to offer spiritual sacrifice of love and forgiveness which is acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  This is a liturgy of the Eucharist offered by us as Christian Parents or Adult with all our hardened work , sufferings and difficulties to form our families  with the first fruits of our Work the Children  offered as spiritual sacrifice  acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  In the context of Church and liturgy , the Lord is calling us to see a bigger and active picture which projects living and walking  body of Christ on this Earth.

1.We are the body of Christ : We are the Church , it is very simple to understand , if we call ourselves the body of Christ , do we know Christ , do we know his Characters, temperaments, emotions, spirituality, teachings so on. If we do not know his personality then we can not imitate him. How we can follow or a fan of a person whom we do not know. It can be other way, everyone is a fan of this person so I am also a fan or follow him. This is a sign of ignorance and foolishness. We must know a person to follow him or talk about him or imitate him or live like him or do the Works like him. It is impossible to live a life of someone without knowing him.  To know our Lord we must experience his life while he was on this Earth and life before he came in to this earth and life after his death and resurrection. Why I say experience and know him because  Jesus is  Spirit  who was in the beginning  of creation, who was born on this Earth  by Flesh and Spirit  and came in the form of  Holy Spirit. So Jesus is not a history or Historical Saint but Jesus is present living among us in our day today  activities. When we try to know about Jesus the son of God who is in the form of a Spirit enters in  to our life and our lives transform in to his Characters, Emotions, Spirituality, teachings so on. If someone say I know him theologically and not in personal life then there is a grey area in his life whether he has reflected the real Spirit of Jesus or only a Worldly figure of Jesus or Icon of Jesus. We do not see this transformation experience in many Christians and the reason  for this is they follow him just like any other Worldly Philosopher or Saint or monument of this World. The liturgy of our belief remain only on structures, philosophies, theologies and in our brain which does not transform us in Spirit.

2.The body  and liturgy of Christ is a living and active Church. If we have the real experience of Christ then  we must live a life of Christ on this Earth. Jesus lived his life on Earth by proclaiming the Kingdom of God and lived according to his teachings. Jesus Witnessed to the truth by challenging the teachers of the Law, doing miracles ,suffered and died on the Cross for the Salvation of the Whole World. If we call ourselves as Body of Christ then our Bodies must act like him and behave like him and do the works like him. If we do not act like him then we must reflect upon our actions and evaluate our life and understand if we do not behave like him , then whom we imitate in our lives. In this case we can not call ourselves the Body of  Christ but the Body of the Person we imitate. For example if we imitate  only Medical Science as a Doctor ,We act like a Scientist , reasoning every detail of our life to Science and moral Science does not make any sense to a Scientist. We see many Doctors who serve in this Pandemic not due to their qualification or profession  but due to their humanness  or moral duty to Witness truth. All commercial minded Doctors are sitting in the house , for them the pandemic is an opportunity to make money and save their own lives. The Doctors who work in the Pandemic become the Proclaimers of the Gospel in Words and action. The liturgy here is the hope and consolation. They witness to the point of death , where they become one with their real master of truth Jesus, these kind of martyrs go straight to Heaven despite of their religion like the right robber who expressed his faith in Christ. They  receive the Baptism of  truth as a Martyr as a true follower of Christ. Covid 19 is a test to the Humanity to recognize the Wheat and Weeds. Every Wheat will be collected in the Barns of Kingdom of God but all the Weeds, how similar it may look like in the image of Christ will burnt in the quenching fire of Hell. We will be judged on this situation , if we do not have any resources to help the poor , at least we can transform our lives and intercede for the Whole World and participate in the Heavenly Liturgy.

3.The Body of Christ gives the foretaste of the Kingdom of God. The heavenly liturgy of Praise and  Worship become the ecstasy or slain us in Spirit of God. The Gregorian Chants and singing of Hymns join us to the Angelic rhythms of Heavenly adoration. Intercessions and Charity become part and parcel of our earthly ministry. The reliance on the mercy and Wisdom of God become evident in our Earthly life. The providence and poverty in our life becomes part of our Kingship on this Earth. We rule this Earth in love, intercessions, forgiveness and  persecutions.  Our families and houses become the houses of Prayers , our children become sharpened arrows ready to shoot at the enemy with the thorough knowledge and Experience of Christ. The Body of Christ grown in to the full stature as a bride to meet the Bridegroom for a Wedding feast. There is no vices of the Evil or the desire for the flesh and Worldly materialism , they will seek only things from above , love , joy, peace, patience, self control, meekness, gentleness and fortitude.We see many families of this kind in this World, if we are not then we are not grown enough in our Christian Character , we must grow in to full stature to meet our Lord after our death and on the Judgement Day.  The Eternal life starts here on this Earth by Knowing , Experiencing , transforming and living a Victorious life of Christ on this Earth.


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