Christian Growth in the Spirit is turning point in every Christian.

Jesus said to his disciples:
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.
And I will ask the Father,
and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always,
the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot accept,
because it neither sees nor knows him.
But you know him, because he remains with you,
and will be in you.

The Disciples of Jesus experienced Jesus in his ministry and loved Jesus and kept the Commandments except Judas Iscariot. But they were powerless,full of fear , ignorance and kiddish in their faith. If we see some statements made by the Apostles show , how they were poor in faith in understanding the ways of Salvation. They witnessed many miracles and listened to the life giving words which came our of the author of life but still something blocked their body,mind and Spirit accepting Jesus in his fullness. We see many followers of Jesus doubted the Lordship or  Jesus as Messiah while he was crucified and died on the Cross.

If we see Christians Baptized in their infancy live their  lives with Jesus by loving him and keeping the Commandments in a very laborious and self determination discipline and live a life just like the Apostles in fear, lack of power and ignorance. Some try to understand Jesus  in their human Knowledge and try to gain power with all kinds of arguments , theologies and philosophies but end of the day they still remain ignorant or poor in faith and courage in times of persecution and witnessing to his teachings.

Salvation is a free gift of God for those who unite with Jesus Christ. Salvation is not an idea or a religion (way of life or lifestyle) but an enlightenment or a transformation experience or a Pentecost empowered by the love of God the Holy-spirit. Jesus calls this as spirit of truth , the spirit of truth is Jesus himself . The word of  God  is the complete truth of our life. These words have eternal life and beginning and the end. In today’s World there is no truth other than  Jesus and his teachings . All the Science, technology, education, wealth, success, religions, ideologies, social works are partial truths because there is no completion or full revelation on these subjects , every time the Science or technology changes and proves the old version as wrong or out dated  or foolish and come up with new inventions and discoveries of life. This rat race of modernization and competition continues from one generation to the other and never reaches to the destiny.  If we see Jesus the eternal truth through these Worldly things and ideas , it is like trying to reach the Sun by our motor car.

We need supernatural force to see the eternal truth because Jesus is not a Natural physical person in this World. The gift of Salvation or Gift of Pentecost  empowers us to recognize Jesus as he is and be one with him by creating a relationship with him. This relationship  reveals  us the eternal truth the Father himself. The disciples of Jesus saw Jesus in his human  figure and tried to understand him as a Human Lord or Human Messiah who is rich and powerful like a King and Powerful like any other Prophets and could not experience him as he is in his fullness. When the day of Pentecost came they received the supernatural power the  love of God ,poured from above by Father through Jesus upon all those loved him and kept his Commandments.  This was the turning point in their life , if we see  Apostles , none of them looked back in their ministry or witnessing even to the point of their deaths.

Salvation ( Baptism) is a free gift either we receive it in our infancy or as an Adult. The body has an age but our Soul does not have any age , the growth in our faith or the love of God  or keeping Commandments gives birth to the first fruits of the Holy-spirit. This Fruit is a free gift and comes naturally as we grow in spirit and truth. The church introduces the Sacrament of Confirmation to mark the growth in Faith and love. The sacrament of Confirmation  is the gift of the holy spirit in action. An adult Christian experiences our Lord through the gift of the Holy spirit  and shines himself through the gifts and its fruits. Many Christians do not experience this turning point in their life and remain Carnal or People of flesh or People of the World through out their life. The Church must focus more in this Area , the Parish Priests and Bishops must make full efforts to Confirm only those Candidates who have the transformation experience. We have seen many of the Christians who were Baptized in the Infancy go for a renewal retreats experience the Transformation experience or the Baptism of the Holy spirit. Church practices these essential rites by laying on Hands by the Bishop but the Holy-spirit moves in every direction as it wills and we see anointed Christians lay on hands  and pray for the gift of the Holy spirit even the non Baptized person receive the free gift of Holy-spirit.  Salvation is a free gift and can not be limited to reparation and formalities.

When we encounter the Holy spirit , we leave behind the Natural Law and the Commandments and focus on the supernatural power from above the Spirit of God who is the source of the Natural Law and the Commandments and the the written Word of God.  The Spirit of God becomes alive in our Spirit and our Spirit transforms in to his Spirit. At this stage the natural Law is not in work in our life but a supernatural Law of the Spirit is work in us. We need  old and new Wine to discern the right Spirit in Black and White but both the Wines are good according to our growth level.  We can call ourselves possessed by the spirit of God and we no more use our natural mind to control our body or any other faculties but the spirit of God controls our faculties.  At this stage we do not have condemnation which applies for the natural Law but we  do not come under the Natural Law but the Law of the spirit of God. At this stage God works in our lives , our bodies may not succumb to corruption or if we drink poison it may not harm us or someone put us in to hot oil our bodies do not effect like the first disciples of Christ. When we witness these things in our life, the Gospel tells us to witness it in gentleness and reverence and always love those who hate us  and persecute us. At the time of their  false accusation , their real self will be exposed due to our goodness and forgiveness and the Spirit of truth reveal the Complete truth and the Gospel will be uplifted to the end of World.



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