Pray and Love – By: Ivan Rodrigues- (Contemporary Theologian)

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

June 7, 2020

Today’s Readings:Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9
Daniel 3:52-56
2 Corinthians 13:11-13
John 3:16-18
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

On the day of Ascension Jesus  the second person is glorified  , on the day of Pentecost Holy-spirit the third person  was revealed to the World and on the day of Holy-trinity  Abba Father unites all three persons with the Whole World in him. Today is the day of unification or day of love or the anniversary of the first Complete Holy family.

God teaches the Humanity that they are his Children created in his image and likeness and their permanent place is in the family of Holy Trinity. The liturgical Calendar gives us six months to experience his love and transform in to his likeness through Advent , Nativity, Death and Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost and finally Feast of Holy Trinity , a completion of  transformation mission of Christ.  We are back in the Holy Family of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit , the Liturgical Calendar gives us the Ordinary time of six months from June to November. Every  year  the  Church gives us a Renewal Retreat to renew our ways to Christ and transformed in to his likeness for the first six months and another six months to bear fruits of love and Charity.

The ordinary time is the season of our bearing fruits and harvest which is more important than the time of renewal and transformation. If we sow a seed and take care of it to grow to become a tree and then neglect it or cut it then the purpose of cultivating that tree is not met because the fruits are not produced yet. On the day of  Holy-trinity a Christian   finishes their  maturity which was nourished , sanctified, redeemed and empowered through advent, Nativity, Death and Resurrection , Ascension and Pentecost. In the ordinary time of six months , it is a time to give fruits of love and Charity.  God creates man to give fruits of love , the entire Salvation plan was to empower us to make people of love. If we miss this point then our entire time of transformation and redemption is a big waste of time.

It is like a Child studies for twenty years to become a Doctor but after receiving his M.B.B.S,  does not practice medicine by serving people in Clinics or Hospital, but sits and reflects his knowledge doing nothing. This is the situation in our Christian Spirituality today , we see ourselves in a Mirror and understand where we need to change for six months and only think about the changes or talk about it or pray about it but never  make efforts to change in our daily lives in the field , in our families, Neighborhood , Workplace, local Community, Society, and whole of the Nation. The ordinary time is given to bear fruits of love which is more exciting and full of thrill . When a plant gives its first flower to grow as a fruit , a visible transformation takes place in that plant . A flower transforms in to a tiny tender fruit and grows in to full fruit with full of co lour and sweetness. These Fruits are not used for self benefit but for the benefit of others and reproduction. The fruit produces more seeds of love and builds the Church and carries on the Work of Salvation to the next generation.

Let us not waste what we believed but put those values in action in our lives by serving in a ministry of love. We have limited ministries in our Parishes but we must go beyond Parish level . We must get involved in our Families and Neighborhood to become good ambassadors for Christ by Sharing and teaching the love of  God in our actions of service. The whole mankind is groaning with pain for the love of God in different ways , we must ask ourselves how we can be the remedy and healing Balm to this pain  so that by nursing this situation a new life will be born, a new fruit which our Lord wants us to become and the only purpose of our life on this Earth. Prayer brings faith and grace but this faith and grace must be applied by us physically to the people to whom we prayed for , Christian spirituality is Divine Human Partnership and we must be active in application of God’s grace.

God listens or provides grace and faith to every good prayer without any delay or failure but we only pray but do not apply this grace to the very purpose  or to that situation. Our mission of Intercession must be Pray & Love , if we follow this  slogan ,miracles and wonders follow in our life because we apply the supernatural grace to the natural world and the Natural is transformed in to supernatural.  Sadly our Churches or Parishes concentrate only on first part of spirituality and we can not see any acts of love and charity like the first Christians who shared and sold everything they had and nothing called as their own but belonged to everyone. Can we say one of our belonging, belongs to everyone. Let us ponder on this area, we have to be people of Charity . If we are not then we are not Christians on this Earth , if we are not Christians we can not be called  Children of God and enter in to the  Holy Family the Holy Trinity.


Lord Jesus as celebrate the feast of Holy Trinity , let us learn from you that it is not in only in Prayer you saved the World but through your  suffering and death on the Cross.  Lord make us people of love , charity , giving and forgiving and bear abundant fruits of love, joy , peace, patience, gentleness, meekness, faithfulness and self control and change the World in to your love . Amen


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