Immaculate Heart of Mary is the Spectacle to see the Sacred heart of Jesus.

Saturday June 20, 2020
Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Scriptures2 Chronicles 24:17-25
Psalm 89:4-5, 29-34
Luke 2:41-51

The immaculate Heart of Mary resembles the Sacred Heart of Jesus which shadows the love of God in the heart of Mary. Once I heard a Non Catholic  preacher  taunting at the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He was  ridiculing the Church devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by saying why we have to see Jesus in his body part by part  like Sacred heart  of Jesus, sacred head of Jesus and why we can not adore Jesus as a Whole. As I was reflecting upon the teachings of the Church , the Lord revealed me it is not the part of the Body of Jesus which we adore but the love it contained in his divinity and of his sacrificial love .

The love of God can not be expressed in human language or figure . The ultimate sign of human love is a Heart , so the Church projects Heart as a sign of Gods love. As Jesus lived on this Earth and ascended in to Heaven , the heart of Jesus is the perfect sign and symbol to ponder and express Gods love in a human way. Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father in the same Human Heart loving the whole World. The Non Catholic preacher was so much wrong in his narrow minded approach and hate preaching in a Congregation of love and mercy.

To experience the love of God in our life we require a model of love. God chose  Blessed Mary as a shadow of the Gods love and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Mary became one with the heart of Gods love when she united her heart in to the heart of Gods love when she accepted the Will of God to cooperate in the plan of Salvation. Mary not only said yes to the Will of God but lived uniting to the heart of God through out her life. The trinity lived in her heart through out her life thus her heart resembled the Sacred heart of Jesus .

When we fall in love , heart is the figure of love , this we can understand if we have fallen in love relationship. When a young couple fall in real conjugal love  they do not look at the status , race, caste, language. wealth , beauty so on but just fall in love and want to live with each other in that love come what may in joy or sorrow , in health or  in sickness. We can fall in love with Jesus in the same manner in Gods Agape love and when we fall in love with Jesus , we do not consider the Wealth  and success of this World but simply live to love Jesus in our lives in joy or Sorrow , in health and sickness. Mother Mary is the perfect example who became a spouse and Mother of Jesus in Divine Human relationship. Mother Mary lived a life pondering in heart the love of God from assumption till the foot of the Cross , Pentecost  and formation of the first Church in the acts of the Apostles.

Mary becomes the perfect model or visible human way to show the Word of God or Gods love to walk or experience in our life. To see Gods love we need  spectacles of Mary’s Heart , it is not that we can not see the Heart of God in our naked eyes but through Mary we can see him as  he is and like that Non Catholic preached looked at the love of God in Human way. Looking God in human eyes is deceptive and can lead in to wrong spirituality but if we see Gods love or Sacred Heart of  Jesus through the immaculate heart of  Mary , we can see and walk through the testimony and intercession of Mary. Human need help to see God and this help is Mary because there is no human who was as close to Jesus as Mary as Mother or a Disciple and no one  has seen God except through the person of Jesus on this Earth.

When we see Jesus through the life of Mary and Experience him , our Hearts too resemble Jesus and Mary . We become the instruments of love and become examples like Mary to others in our lives.


Mother Mary  reveal Jesus your Son to us so that we may see him as he is and teach us to love him as you loved him Amen.


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