Calamities are the tests of our life

Wednesday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time
July 1, 2020

Today’s Readings:Amos 5:14-15,21-24
Ps 50:7-13,16-17
Matthew 8:28-34
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


Seek good and not evil,
that you may live;
Then truly will the LORD, the God of hosts,
be with you as you claim!
Hate evil and love good,
and let justice prevail at the gate;
Then it may be that the LORD, the God of hosts,
will have pity on the remnant of Joseph.

Hypocrisy is one of the greatest sickness  prevails in our Society , Organisation, Political system , Nations , Church Organisations and even our own families. What is Hypocrisy? The definition of a hypocrite as per the English dictionary : a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. Belie means a person who gives false impression. The whole World today lives on this false impression of  pretension. The Leaders pretend to be of kind heart but if we see their life in reality they are  wolves who want to kill and plunder the poor. God put his impression  of love and truth on our heart but the Evil put his impression of pretension and lie on Man’s heart and Man carries this impression and lives in this false or duplicate or pirated impression called Hypocrisy.

In today’s first reading Prophet Amos speaks against the ritual and obligations and sacrifices to cover up their sins. We see following teachings in Prophet teachings:

  • Prayers and sacrifices do not make up for bad deeds. “Practice of religious acts is no insurance against the judgment of God” and that “privilege involves opportunity, or escapism… Immunity cannot be claimed simply because of past favor of God, irrespective of deeds and the measure of faithful service.
  • Behaving justly is much more important than ritual (Amos 5:21–24). “Ceremonial worship has no intrinsic value…the only genuine service of God consists in justice and righteousness (5:24)”.
  • Amos believed in economic justice, “the conviction of Amos that economic justice was necessary to preserve the nation (whereas his opponents asserted that sacrifices and offerings were preserving it) forced him to conclude that a God who wanted the nation preserved must want justice and want it always, and could never therefore want sacrifices, which abetted and condoned injustice.
  • “Amos was an uncompromising monotheist. There is not a verse in his writing that admits the existence of other deities.”
  • The relationship between the people of Israel is articulated to be a moral contract. If the people of Israel fall below the moral requirements of God, then their relationship will certainly be dissolved.
  • Dependence on God is a requisite towards fulfillment. One will live if he seeks the Lord (Amos 5:4).

If we see the World religions 90% of their  beliefs on the rituals and obligations but when it comes to Charity it is a big Zero. Prophet Amos was killed by the Chief Priest of his time for Prophesying against their Hypocrisy. We see Jesus against the Jewish rituals and preached against it and Jewish Priests killed him for breaking Mosaic Law.

We must ask a personal question to ourselves , do we sail in the same boat of Hypocrisy or we live a ethical and just life. God looks a righteous heart that’s it , he does not listen to the Prayers or time we spent with him or sacrifice our whole life for him in a Hypocrite heart.  At the Judgement day he will say away from me you wicked generation.

In the Calamity of Corona this is one of the main reason why God does not listen to our Prayers , our Prayers must be clubbed with righteousness which is missing in our time. prophet Amos talks to us in a very strong   Prophesy in his Writings not to fool God with our ritual Confessions, Eucharist and Intercessions but live a just and righteous life of Charity and love at this time of Crisis.

The time of Calamity  is the test of our Belief but where we can see Christians in the Street helping the hungry , sick , dying except few , we see people from other faith in the streets more than the Christians. We must ask a personal question at the time of this Crisis and test , have I passed in this test or failed in this test because Calamities are the tests in our faith journey on which God will judge us on the last day.




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