What is the real meaning of true Repentance?

Tuesday of the 15th Week of Ordinary Time

Memorial of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin
July 14, 2020

Today’s Readings:Isaiah 7:1-9
Ps 48:2-8
Matthew 11:20-24
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


We see in the entire Bible only one one message , repent and Believe in the Word of God. The Prophets and the Righteous people have been reminding in all the Scriptures to turn back from our own ways and follow the ways of God. People have a great misunderstanding at the person of God, or person of Jesus, or person of Holy spirit , the understanding of God or Holy Trinity  in to a figure, or imagination, or in to a human figure is completely deceptive. We see the image of God from the beginning of creation is  love and  God imprints his image in to the hearts of human and evolution of God’s love cultivated in it’s fullness in the Human Race. The purpose of the love of God is to make every human to be union with him in love relationship. People who are in this love relationship do not make God as an idol or a figure but enter in to a relationship called faith and love. We can not make the figures of the written Word of God or  the library of inspired preaching of  Holy People  as God.

The Word of God is a inspiration of the Holy-spirit and this inspiration is the relationship of those holy People who built a relationship with God of love. If we take Word of God from any part of the Bible and start quoting left ,right and the center, then we quote the Word not as the inspiration of the Holy people, who put this inspiration in order but we use this inspiration for our own advantage and use it as per our own ideology. The scribes and Pharisees did the same thing by interpreting in their own understanding and designed new Laws based on the Gospel of Ten Commandment. It is like Chinese Whisper , the love of God through Ten Commandments were given to Moses to teach them but over the generation the main purpose of Gods love was totally missing and only rules and regulations remained in the Jewish Spirituality. Jesus corrects them and reprints the original love of God in their Heart through the Be-attitudes . Jesus starts his mission by calling Repent and Believe in the Gospel of love. What Jesus wanted to tell people is to turn around from  their own ideas and the ideas of the Scribes and believe in the real love of God. Jesus was the second person of Divine love , so Jesus said believe in him the Words of eternal Life.

The repentance is to evaluate at our life , our priorities of life , our goals of life , our purpose of life , our family , our daily Bread and see if they are built for and built in God’s love. We must call God’s Word as God’s love. Love of God  unifies the fullness of God. God’s love can not contain in letters of ink but the love of God is a active spirit of God who lives among people , the Scriptures are the compiled testimony of God’s love. When we use this testimony of love relationship to build our own relationship with the Spirit of love , we use the testimony as our own inspiration. The love of God can not be bound in visible art or in letters but the love of God is an experience and this experience we can have only through Human heart. God’s love has been permanently imprinted or lives in Human Heart and when we love our fellow Brothers and sisters , we directly enter in to a relationship with God’s love because God’s love lives in every Human. Mother Theresa saw Jesus or Holy trinity in the poor people and in return they saw Jesus in her.This is the ultimate relationship of God’s love and fulfillment of Law .

The sacraments and the liturgy of God’s love are a symbolic way of expressing God’s love . For Example , just imagine a couple falls in love and the symbolic love is presenting a rose as a sign of love or saying I love you or writing a romantic  Song so on but  to live that I love they must enter in to a love relationship by sacrificing their own ways to gel with the other partner and share all things in joy and  sorrow. If we give roses in the morning and fight whole day , that rose does not have any meaning moreover we desecrate the symbol of love through Hypocrisy.

My friends let us not get trapped with the fancies of  the Worldly interpretation of God’s love but Experience and share it in person of God’s image of love and not to ponder and contemplate  in to an imaginary figure of God’s love who does not exist unless we see him in the image of our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Let us make Charity , Forgiveness, love as our only purpose in our lives. In this Pandemic the Divine love of God is repeatedly and loudly shouting top of his voice , Repent , turn around from the symbolic, ritual and false ideologies of  love and embrace the real love of God by embracing our sick and poor brothers and sisters who require a hug , food , jobs, money and God’s love who lives with us and in us Emmanuel.

Prayer : Lord open our spiritual eyes which are blind to the needs of the poor hearts where you live Amen.




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