Persecutions and trials are the test of our Witness.

Saturday August 1, 2020

ScripturesJeremiah 26:11-16, 24
Psalm 69:15-16, 30-31, 33-34
Matthew 14:1-12

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

Who are the Contemporary Prophets ? The Righteous people of today who raise  their voices against the Evil are the true Prophets of today. To raise voice against Evil legislation or evil ways of people need the courage and boldness of the love of God. These Social Workers live for the truth and love of God or to uplift the kingdom of God on this Earth. Fear , Selfishness , Hypocrisy keeps us hiding from the truth and love and never permit us to experience the Kingdom of God. We name the saints of our faith or Nations , all have stood tall for the truth to prepare a Way of love and Justice to the next generation. Their life was not easy , persecutions , danger , hunger, prison and death was their life on this Earth.

When we live for love and witness for it , the  evil of World and selfishness attacks us and it is natural. If a person calls himself holy , they must go through the test of persecution  in their life , it can be from their own family or community or work place or in the society . In whichever area a person witnesses his love , the test of persecution follow him challenging his belief or faith. When the persecutions or retaliation or opposition comes in our life , we either retaliate back or run away from these persecution or compromise with our persecutors. If we see Jesus or John the Baptist , they witnessed to the love and truth and died for the truth but did not run away or retaliate or compromised the truth. Truth and love is God himself , when we represent God , we can not mix him with Evil of the World. John the Baptist became the way for the eternal truth by his witness and preaching . Jesus became the eternal way to the Kingdom of God by his life , Preaching , Witness by passion and death on the Cross.

Many a times we want to stand for love and truth but when we get the opportunity to witness ,we backslide for the fear of people and loss of our selves in this World. Our stability and security, is on the things of this World like our Jobs, House, Family , Money , Food so on , when we are challenged on these things of this World, with Love and Justice , we choose the Worldly things  and deny the justice and truth. Peter and John ran away from Jesus when Jesus was arrested but followed him in distance in the fear of authorities but When they were empowered with the Holy spirit on the day of Pentecost , the same peter and John spoke boldly face to face to the same authorities who arrested them and wanted to put them to death saying Do we listen to God or Man.

The love of God the Holy spirit is the ultimate courage and truth who speaks on our behalf and makes us fearless or stand for the love and truth which we represent in our faith. The faith must be represented in Witness of love otherwise it is not faith at all. When we stand in the name of God , the Evil gets scared of the Holy-spirit and fear enters in him like Herod was  afraid of John the Baptist. Also when we stand for the love of God, the Holy-spirit stirs the hearts of other faithful who will stand with us and support us like in the first reading where Jeremiah was protected by Ahikem and his message was accepted and people repented from their sins and they were saved from the Calamity of destruction. When we stand for truth, great movements and ministries emerge due to our Witness like Saint Alphonsus Liguori who started a movement of Redemptorists Priests .  Let us be inspired by these people and stand for truth and love come what may, never to Compromise to the challenges and persecutions or tests or evils on the journey of our faith but empowered with the love and truth of God the Holy-spirit and get inspired to our next generation through ministry or Witness .

Prayer : Lord Jesus make us People of Courage and truth in the time our persecutions and trials. Amen,.


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