Prophesy is understood in a Contemporary World.

Monday of the 18th Week of Ordinary Time
August 3, 2020

Today’s Readings:Jeremiah 28:1-17
Ps 119:29,43,79,80,95,102 (with 68b)
Matthew 14:22-36
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Prophets and Prophesies are not fallen from Heaven but a Divine human Relationship. When Prophesies are spoken without focusing to the Lordship of God then these Prophesies come from Human Spirit and there is no portion of Divinity in them. A prayerful or who has a good relationship with the Lord lives and speaks through the inspiration of the Holy-spirit. Love is the ultimate measurement of any Divine inspiration, when  we speak about love , love does not always pacifies or comforts us but also disciplines and corrects us when we are lost in the Whirlwind of the worldly desires. If we always show or speak the pacifying or forgiving or comforting love then that love is not love at all  because real love disciplines and correct our ways , we can call that love as a pampering love.

A true Prophet is a man of Faith(Prayer)  and love (Charity), when we are not in the real relationship with God and in a superficial imaginative spiritual life , our Prophesies and teachings become false and  coming from the Human Spirit. No Prophet is purely Born from Heaven but chosen and anointed with grace and fortitude of the Salvation. Gods plan for every human  to be a Prophet of God or the mouthpiece of God who can represent him on this Earth and speak his Wisdom and love. When we  forget our calling from the Lord to be Prophets  or  Prophets of love we miss the target and start sinking in falsehood. We can take every action of our life as a Prophesy and walk through that in eyes of faith  focusing  Jesus as our Lord but we must discern or measure  its will  by love , if love is missing in any act of Prophesy then that act becomes a false Prophesy  and that person is called false prophet or fake.

We can not be good Prophets all the time and  miss the target but what is more important in our life is to enter in to a relationship with the Lord of love and become good ambassadors or Prophets of love. In today’s  readings we see Hananiah ,  speaks on behalf of Almighty God saying  Nebuchadnezzar will fall and the Temples of God will have its earlier glory but Jeremiah Prophesies just the opposite of Hananiah that Almighty will put all things under King  Nebuchadnezzar a pagan King who destroyed Gods temple and took captives Israelite’s and all sacred Vessels of the temple to Babylon. Jeremiah was not taken serious when he spoke the Word of God but was persecuted, beaten and thrown in to Prison but when his Prophesy became a reality , the Kings and People filled with Gods fear and started listening to Jeremiah.  Hananiah was a false Prophet and spoke words what people wanted to listen and earn  self glory but the divinity or source of love was completely missing in the Prophesy. Israelite’s had sinned against the Lord and they were going through a time of discipline and correction from the Lord and God was using King  Nebuchadnezzar to discipline them. Prophet Jeremiah could sense the work of God and speaks for the King  Nebuchadnezzar. We must be very careful hating people who oppose Christianity but must understand why they oppose and the cause of the opposition. Most of the time God speaks through the opposition and criticism. We can not call people who oppose Christianity are Evil but must know what evils of Christian practice they are opposing or saying please repent or change your ways.

We have many Preachers and Prophets in our time , the famous one are either fulfill the ears of the itchy ears of the listener or critics always put fear and destruction in the audience who live in fear of destruction and Calamity from God and not in the love of God. Both kind of inspirations are not from God because they do not build or manifest Gods love but they destroy the love of God. The true discernment comes through divine Human relationship of love which is a meeting point or a balance in the message  of Gods love which disciplines, corrects, motivates, builds, nurtures, guides the Circumstance. This is a maturity to listen to Gods message in our faith relationship and wait on the message for a confirmation in love and Charity. Both are important to discern the message.

If we hear the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds , the enemy sowed weeds in the dark but the Landlord did not uproot the weeds as they started to sprout but waited till they fully grown and could  clearly recognize through its fruits.All ministries,preaching, Prophesies can be recognized only through the fruits of love and  if love is missing in the Ministry , these preachers or Communities can be worldly or fake and Preachers or leaders may be called fake. God takes these ministries or Preachers away from the World like Hananiah  so that they may not misguide the sheep  and mislead them in to the mouth of a Wolf. We have seen many communities and ministries and leaders grow like mushroom and disappear like Mushrooms.

We must become Apostle like Peter who was impulsive and worldly in his past  life with many mistakes in recognizing Jesus and Gods love but once he experienced the love of God in Human Divine Relationship , he was bold and his letter cuts to the edge of every heart, also became the first shepherd of the Church.  St. Peter also had written the life story of Jesus but the Church has not included in the holy scriptures to indicate that all inspirations do not come from the Divine Spirit of God and can not be right in all the messages or preaching but what is important is we grow in our ministry with fruits of love as our test paper and become true witnesses of love.

Prayer : Lord, teach me your statutes. Amen.





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