Saturday August 8, 2020

ScripturesHabakkuk 1:12–2:4
Psalm 9:8-13
Matthew 17:14-20

Our Savior Jesus Christ has destroyed death
and brought life to light through the Gospel.

Faith is a trusting relationship with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. All activities done through the inspiration of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are driven by the divine intervention, but if there is no inspiration of the Trinity then the activity is Worldly or from ourselves.

How to discern the presence of Gods Spirit in our actions ? Gods Spirit is Holy spirit  and the definition of Holy spirit is love of God . Love of God is manifested in the acts of Charity , pity , concern , kindness, meekness, humility and hospitality, we can summarize all these activities in to  love. If our actions are not motivated or inspired or focused on love then our faith is not faith at all but self centered and Worldly . This kind of faith is called self determination or self discipline but Gods portion  of love is completely missing in this act.

Gospel is the light of Christ which shines and drives out the darkness . When we trust in the Gospel or Good news of love and forgiveness , we enter in to a relationship with Jesus and this relationship empowers us with the love or Spirit of God. We call this activity as an act of Salvation.  This relationship is a continuous process through out our life and we can not come out of this  love relationship , if we keep this relationship on and off , we become  unfaithful people like an unfaithful spouse who has extra marital relationship.

In the Gospel Jesus calls people in to “O faithless and perverse generation, how long will I be with you? How long will I endure you?”  Disciples took Jesus as an important Worldly Leader who has Superpower but did not enter not in to a relationship of love , they  started driving out the Demons in that super power which is not coming from the  Holy Trinity.

Demons are driven out only through the light of the Gospel of love and this light is a trusting relationship of the Father, Son and the Holy spirit.  When we enter in to this relationship , we need not to drive demons out, but the demons run for their life just looking at us or in the presence of God in us.

When I was growing in faith , I used to wonder how some people who had demon influence fall in to convulsion when they come in to contact with some people who live continuously in the trusting relationship called Faith. When we are in faith we see miracles in the form of Providence, Healing ,Deliverance,  Counsel , Prophesy and with many gifts of the Love of God.  After Jesus resurrection , Jesus could have restored the Kingdom with no time but Jesus wants his followers to restore the Kingdom by trusting in the Gospel of love and enter in to a relationship of love and build a Church of love by driving out every Evil and demons of the World.

Human have been created in their own Will or as a son , God has given a dignity of self will or to choose right and Wrong and God wants every Human to exercise his Will by the guidance of the Gospel of love and be victorious against Evil to restore the Kingdom of God on this Earth. We must exercise the Holy spirit or love of God  in our day today routine and see the hand of God working in that situation. This is the most beautiful experience and satisfaction of heart or being  in  content in life or fullness of the Spirit.

Prayer : Lord Jesus Answer me when I put my trust in you Amen.

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