Mother Mary is the opposite of Lucifer or Devil or Satan.

Saturday August 15, 2020
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

ScripturesRevelations 11:19; 12:1-6, 10
Psalm 45:10-12, 16
1 Corinthians 15:20-27
Luke 1:39-56

When he hands over the Kingdom to his God and Father,
when he has destroyed every sovereignty
and every authority and power.
For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.
The last enemy to be destroyed is death,
for “he subjected everything under his feet.”

Death is the last enemy of Gods love. The Salvation has been achieved but the Enemy is still alive in this World. The death is the product of Evil. God created human in love and multiply in love but man opposed love and invited death to himself and the Whole World. In the act of Salvation Jesus reversed the hatred of Man and the reaction of death in to love and a new life in Christ by pouring out the Holy spirit. A person who is the follower of Christ and lives in the fullness of the Holy spirit will not die but live for ever.

The above Introduction of my Reflection is a theory of death and eternal life. If the Salvation has been achieved, why the Evil exist in the World and people experience evil affliction and suffering and death.  In the act of Salvation , Jesus was subjected everything under his feet including all Sovereignty, Authority, Power, Evil powers, Satan,  and last of all is death. Satan or Evil is the Architect of death and Man is the Mason to carry out the structure of death and pass on to the structure to the next generation. This Building of death has grown over the time and become like a Tower of Babel in this World.

Man is trying to compete with the power of  the Love of God with Worldly powers like Money, Pride, Muscle Power , arms and ammunition and trying to overcome death or live for ever. The Theory or medicine of Salvation has been given to us to overcome death and afflictions of Evil but Human is still ignorant of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Due to this ignorance Human Race suffers with all kind of Calamities, Sicknesses and temptations of the Evil.

There is no technology or Science or Philosophy or Religion has given a medicine to overcome death except Jesus. When we Believe Jesus and live a life through the teaching of the Gospel or through the inspiration of his Spirit of love , we overcome all Authorities, Sovereignty, Power, Evil, Sickness and death. The great Saints of God have followed Jesus closely and lived for ever. Mother Mary was the first person to accept the Salvation and be victorious over death and destroyed the power of Evil and death through her obedience to do the Will of God and following her Son Jesus .

Mother Mary became the first person to be ascended in to Heaven after her Physical death. The Physical death is Natural but assumption in to Heaven by body, mind and Spirit is super Natural. Jesus died in his Physical Body but resurrected in Body , mind and Spirit. Mother Mary’s  assumption is not resurrection but elevation of her human body in to heavenly body in to heaven as a reward for her complete obedience to Gods will. Mary died in her Body but assumed or taken in to heaven in Body, mind and Spirit after her physical death. St. Thomas the Apostle witnessed her assumption in to heaven , as per the traditions a mantle  fell down from her garment when she was assumed in to heaven and St. Thomas preserved it as a proof of her assumption to show it to other Disciples and followers of Christ.

We have have witnessed of Non Corruption of the Bodies  from other Saints who lived a life in complete  obedience to Gods love . The Salvation has a powerful impact on Human beings which converts the Human body,mind and Spirit from the Corruption of Sin in to Divine power of Holy spirit. When we take Salvation or the Holy spirit seriously in our life and live a life in tremble and fear of Salvation or through the full inspiration or in the presence of the Spirit of love we get transformed from the Corruption of Sin in to Spiritual Body or Spirit led people. The Salvation Experience is the beginning of Salvation and when we live this Salvation in our life ,we get transformed day by day in the likeness and image of God. When we supersede our Human Nature of Corruption in to Divine Nature of Love , We become Divine Human Beings. When we die at this stage our flesh have divine nature or particles of Jesus which can not corrupt our bodies and show divine nature of non corruption.

We see in the first reading Lucifer revolting against the love of God  with one third of the the angels, he wanted to compete with Gods power of love with Selfishness and Pride. Lucifer and one third of the angels were thrown down in to Earth. Lucifer was the most powerful Angel who was the supreme most power among  all Creation . God wanted someone from the Creation to take the place of the Lucifer who lost his position in the Kingdom of God . Mother Mary was the perfect Creation who lived in complete obedience of God and chosen by God to become the Mother and co partner in the act of Salvation with Jesus Christ.

The feast of Assumption is the Elevation of the Creation to the Divine position of the realm of the Kingdom of God and also it is a remembrance of the complete destruction of Lucifer the Devil the fallen angel who challenged Gods love and conspired the first Eve to fall in to SIN. Mother Mary destroyed the   power of Evil by saying yes to Gods will and obeyed till the end and hence assumed in to Heaven to receive the reward from the Father , Son and the Holy spirit.  Mother Mary has been made queen of Heaven and Earth to destroy the power of Evil and rule the Earth with her intercession seated at the right side of Jesus.

We the creation must seek the intercession of Mary in times of  Evil Temptation, Evil afflictions , Evil attacks and Mother Mary strikes the head of the Devil and all demons under the feet of her Son Jesus. If we ask who is opposite to Devil or Satan or Lucifer in person  , it is Mother Mary and not Jesus. Jesus is the second person of Trinity and the Creator and God and Mother Mary is the Supreme among all the Human Race who was rewarded with a Reward of Queen ship of Heaven and Earth. Mother Mary has special role in the Salvation Plan which we read in the first reading through conception, Protection, nurturing and make the second person Son of God in to Son of Man and supporting from the yes to the Fathers will till the foot of the Cross , Pentecost and till Revelations of John the Evangelist which gives us a complete vision of the fulfillment of Salvation.

Prayer : Mother Mary , destroy the power of Evil in our life through your Son and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen




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