God calls all Religions to be one family of love and faith.

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 16, 2020

Today’s Readings:Isaiah 56:1, 6-7
Ps 67:2-3, 5-6, 8 (with 4)
Romans 11:13-15, 29-32
Matthew 15:21-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For my house shall be called
a house of prayer for all peoples.

Gods ways are not our ways and our ways are not Gods ways. Gods wisdom and power beyond the reach of Human. Human tried to reach God by building a Tower of Babel but God confused the languages of one single race created by him and scattered them in to many races , traditions and Religions. God scattered people so that he can gather them again in to one race. Is God playing a game with his people , it is Gods wisdom and love to tie the whole Mankind in a single thread of love and confuse the Evil in his own wisdom of Selfishness and Pride.

If we look at the Bible in a magnified glass , God appoints many Prophets and saints like Noah, Abraham, David to bring all the scattered races in to one Nation. The Salvation of God is to gather all people in to one family so that God can become their Father and they become his Children. Jesus came in to this  Earth to gather all people in to one Church so that this single body of Christ can praise God in one Voice in the assembly of his presence. This is the vision of God for his people so that God can be All in All.

To gather as a Family , we need to be in one mind and one heart of faith and love. Faith in God is an expression of love and love is the product  of faith. Gospel of love or Gospel of Repentance  brings in a realization of Gods love and Faith relates with Gods love through trusting relationship but the love makes a person  righteous  before God. A  person can not stand in the Assembly of Praise and Worship, Thanksgiving, Eucharist, or Intercession without being right before God in his life. Gods presence invites everyone  to attend his Wedding feast but the invitee need to be well dressed and presented in a good decorum at the party. If a person comes with dirt and smelly way , he will be thrown in to a dark place of the pit of the absence of God.

Evangelisation is basically inviting scattered people who are lost  in the whirlwind of this World in to Gods love or Gods Banquet of love. Jesus goes all around Jerusalem and Israel to invite the Chosen generation but his own people rejected him and goes beyond Israel to Canon Area who were a scattered race who is to live in darkness in the absence of God. The Canaanite Woman expresses her Faith in the Messiah by believing in the Word of God and Gods mercy pours out in to her life . Jesus was not partial but he reached out to everyone equally to everyone without keeping any limitation whether he is Jew or Gentile.

Today God looks at our heart , it has to be either Righteous  or  Repented in Faith and then we can take part in the assembly of Gods love or the Church. If the Church or Community which is not righteous or repented in Faith Gods mercy does not pour in to them. Jesus came in to this world to gather the whole Mankind in to one family of love. Jesus formed Christians or church or Body of Christ to carry on this mission to carry out the work of salvation which he started through preaching,death, resurrection and Ascension.

The ministry of  spreading Gods love is not to divide religions or condemn the people who do not believe the Gospel of love but just like Jesus went to Canon to invite them personally to the Banquet of love. Christians  must go beyond their own Church or Community to spread the Gospel of love to all Non Christians  and invite them to the Assembly of Gods love. Christianity is not a religion of adding on numbers or of Majority but adding  more people in our acts of love. When we add all people in the list of love then we include everyone in to one family. Jesus loved first and invited others in to his love so let us imitate him as Christians.


Lord make me a Beacon of love to everyone who live in Sin . Amen

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