True Meaning of Blessings and Greed By: Ivan Rodrigues.

Tuesday of the 20th Week of Ordinary Time
August 18, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezekiel 28, 1-10
Deuteronomy 32:26-28,30,35-36
Matthew 19:23-30
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters
or father or mother or children or lands
for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more,
and will inherit eternal life.But many who are first will be                                             last,and the last will be first.”

Love of God and Love of Prosperity are opposite to each other. The love of God possess the Prosperity of the World but love of Prosperity does not possess the love of God. We must understand these things very thoughtfully and understand in our heart . If we are successful to realize this understanding  then we have over come the World, flesh and the Devil. Greed and Blessings are two Words opposite to each other. The Greed is for our selfish desires which brings destruction of our soul , body and Mind but if we are prosperous through the Blessings of God , this Prosperity is divine and not from Human Intelligence or Knowledge. I have met  two kind of  entrepreneurs in my life  some of them are among the top richest people in the World. I could clearly differentiate people who are rich due to their selfish greed and people who are blessed by God. The only difference is the people of greed try to  hold and gather and do not let go or do not sacrifice but only aim to build a Kingdom of the materialistic World but the people of Blessing like Job do not regret for losing the riches or Prosperity given by God and let go everything because they know that their dependence is upon God alone. Their attitude in losing will be like Job, God gave God took away and hope definitely that God is going to Bless them again in their life.

Jesus was not against richness or Rich People but greedy rich people , Jesus had many rich Friends in his life who helped him in his ministry like Nicodemus or Joseph of  Arimathia  so on.  The richness in Jesus time, commonly earned by cheating people and in greed and other type of Evil ways.The Gospel of today has been misinterpreted by many priests and Preachers of today due to the ignorance of the Word of God. In Israel and Middle East,  Camels were used as a Public Transport and there were Barriers shaped upwards in a Camel Back , if a plain  unloaded Camel  had to pass through this  Barrier , it had to sit and crawl under this Barrier in to other side. A loaded camel could not pass through this Barrier because the Load at the Back would block the Camel from passing through . It is like our time 8ft ft tall Vehicles only or 12 Ft tall Vehicles only sign in our time. This Barrier was called a Barrier of  an Eye of needle. Jesus wanted to tell people not to possess extra material wealth in our life which can become a obstacle to go through the judgement of love and Charity.

What is a Blessing and how we can be blessed . When we Bless others we are blessed, this is the simple meaning of Blessing. We can not bless others unless we loose everything we possess in our life. When we Bless others , we sign everything we possess in their name , this is the real blessing in action. Abraham Blessed Isaac and made his possession and Inheritance in his name, Jacob blessed Joseph and gave the full right and inheritance in his name. Blessing is basically giving or loving or forgiving , Jesus Blessed Five bread and Two fishes and gave it to five thousand people. Jesus Blessed broke bread and Wine and gave it to his disciples not only in Sacrament or sign but broke himself on the Cross by Complete Sacrifice. God made Jesus so much Prosperous that all Heavenly and Worldly richness was given to him.

Gospel is a Gospel of love and not a Gospel of Greed . If a person seeks God to gain Worldly Richness then he is seeking a Gospel of Greed. If a preacher preaches the Prosperous Gospel or Gospel of  Greed to the people then the Preacher is a preacher of Greed and not the Gospel of love. If a Community or Religious Leader or a Preacher preaches and Works for greed and material gain without aiming at the love of God then that Gospel is not coming from the Lord.

Many people do many good things in their life but do all things aimed at love of God. I know some greedy Business people who do not respect the Laws of the Country and  do not treat their Employees fairly , doing lots of donations in the Shrines and set up Orphanages for Children and advertising in their Business Seminars to show themselves as Charitable people. These kind of Hypocrite Rich people Jesus was talking about in the Gospel of today. I know some richest of the people in the World they are so humble and always treat people in justice and fairness and great Charitable people. I spoke to one of these Business man ,of the risk of loosing in the Business who had lost millions in his Business , he told me he does not panic or disappointed in his loss but just depend upon the nature to offset the loss and it happens itself immediately with a mighty Profit in some other Venture. Though they are billionaires they live a poor life in their personal life. Jesus though rich and creator but lived a humble poor life on this Earth.

If we humble ourselves and become poor for the Gospel and Sacrifice our life for the Gospel of love , God blesses us in Hundred folds in Spiritual Prosperity and Worldly Prosperity. Mother Theresa lived a poor life and by sacrificing her life but Nations came forward to help her trust ,made her so much rich in resources , today her trust has maximum people to take care but they are blessed with many resources. I wanted to donate a breakfast to one of her Rehabilitation Center and my waiting list no was one thousand plus. We see many private Christian Institutions suffering for funds because their dependence is upon only on  Private donations to avail  seats in posh Schools and Colleges and are struggling to survive in times of famine. The test of Worldly prosperity and Heavenly Blessing is Famine and Calamities , When we go through these trials the Worldly prosperity completely disappear but heavenly Blessings remain and multiply in the time of Famine and Calamities.

The people aim to climb the Ladder of Success and Worldly Prosperity  but end up coming last in the race of love and Blessing but people aim at love and Bless others by sharing and caring win the Race with the award of Peace, joy and happiness in their life. These people have nothing to lose because they know that they came from nothing in to this World  and go with nothing from this World.

Prayer ; Lord Jesus make me poor in Spirit so that I may become rich Blessings and Prosperous. Amen.




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