Mother Mary brings complete Revelation of Jesus to the World – Day -1

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” ( Gen 3: 15)

The Bible points out to the World that Mary was the Mother of Jesus. Bible gives us some knowledge of the life of Christ on this Earth. Why the Holy spirit did not inspire the full life of Jesus on this Earth to the Gospel Writers ? Gospels  give us main miracles ,teaching and events of Jesus life on this Earth but can we know Jesus fully through the four Gospels? Church added Epistles or letters of the  Apostles to the Gospel to understand more revelations of Christ  in the  Gospel. The old testament books were added in the Bible to understand the foretold Prophesies   and the Salvation picture in the old Testament. Bible is a library of inspired books of the Salvation plan of God from the time  of the Creation of the Earth till the last book of the Bible.  Mother Mary has an important and fundamental role in the Plan of Salvation and  complete revelation of plan of Salvation and Jesus on this Earth. Mother Mary is the only person with whom the plan of salvation was announced and ended with the formation of the Church the mystic body of Christ. 

Mother  Mary  could have written the life of Jesus on this Earth but she did not write the life of Jesus on this Earth. The complete picture of Jesus was best known to Mother Mary and hence only Mother Mary can reveal Jesus fully in to the World. There are many hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of God which Mother Mary reveals  to the one who approaches her in devotion. We read the Word of God in devotion , we trust the written letters and the merit of that letters in our language and exercise  our faith in the Word of God . Mother Mary becomes the fifth Gospel of our times , She reveals Jesus life and hidden mysteries of the Salvation to those who approach her. She becomes the ultimate medium to reveal the Complete Salvation of Jesus in to this World. The full truth of  Jesus is revealed through his Mother Mary to the World. When we talk about Mother of Jesus , there is a big meaning and we need to dig out this meaning to understand Jesus as he is in our life.

The word of God need not contain only in written letters but through  people and various mediums like art , places, circumstances, liturgies so on  . When we approach these people with whom the Word of God resides, the Word of God gets activated and purpose of the Word is revealed to the faithful. The word of God is active like a dry east , if we activate or put our faith though a right method then just like the yeast makes the entire Idly batter or dough of bread to rice to its maximum potential , the Word of God also makes the faithful to rise at their maximum potential. When we approach Mother Mary to seek Jesus,  Mary reveals us the fullness of Jesus and we rise like the dough by the power of Salvation in our life. Why we need Mary in addition to Bible ? The tradition of Mary reveals us those things which we can not understand  Jesus fully from the Bible. When we approach Mary , Mary reveals her experience of Jesus in her life from the moment of her conception till she was ascended in to Heaven. Mary was one of that person who associated with the Salvation plan who knew  its fullness ,we can call her assistant , co partner , helper   or  Mother of Jesus

When we approach Mary , she reveals us the Complete Wisdom of  Salvation or fullness of Jesus or Complete plan of Salvation. If we understand the fullness of Jesus , we know the complete truth and the complete truth is the real truth. This fullness of love and truth  set us free from the Slavery of Sin and World. When we live in half truth we give and take it back and this exchange of life goes on in our whole life and miss the fullness of Jesus in our life. Let us come to Mary and experience Jesus in fullness.

Prayer : Mother Mary We want to experience  Jesus in his fullness , teach us how reach to him in his fullness. Amen

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