Mother Mary Reveals Jesus in his Fullness to the Whole World- Day 8

God does not do partiality and favor to any Individual or Community but loves everyone equally and fairly. All graces of God are available free and they are in the Air , the faithful must breath those graces of the Air and live in abundance. Why then humans do not experience the grace in their life. We do not breath the Air of grace in our life and breath poisonous Air of this World which kills our Body,mind and Spirit. Our prayers are not heard because we do not pray according to the Will of God. The spirit of God inspires people to become the model of Intercession or teachers of Intercession and Mother Mary takes the lead role in Intercession.

When people intercede with her , she converts all the Prayers according to the Will of the Lord and represents it like an advocate. Mother Mary knows the mind of her Son and in fact Church teaches us she is seated at the right hand of her Son Jesus. When we ask her intercession it reaches her Son according to the Will of the Father and the love of God automatically drawn from the Father. Mother Mary is the advocate of every faithful who approaches her to draw grace from her Son.

Mother Mary corrects our thoughts and intentions and draws the grace of God and removes those blocks which blocks our grace. The graces are blocked due to World, flesh and the Devil, and Mother Mary overcame all these areas in her life with the special grace provided to her by God ,and she takes every person who approaches her to intercede in to her path of Victory the plan of Salvation.

Mother Mary teaches us to breath fresh Air of and healthy Air of Salvation and prevents us from breathing the poisonous Air. This is the reason sometimes when we pray to God the answers are delayed but through Mother Mary the Answers are instant and immediate. It is not that God is partial but God wants us to approach in a appropriate garments in his Wedding feast. When we approach through Mary, she makes us to change the dirty clothes and puts new clothes and takes us to the Wedding Party because she is our Mother.

Prayer : Mother Mary draw the grace due to us and deliver us from the passions of the World ,Flesh and Devil. Amen

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