Mother Mary reveals Jesus in his fullness to the Whole World. Day-9

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
September 8, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Romans 8:28-30 or Micah 5:1-4
Ps 13:6ab, 6c (with Is 61:10)
Matthew 1:1-16, 18-23

The Birth of Mary and the conception of Jesus in the Womb of Mary must have hidden from the Evil one through the divine plan of God, because we see even during the Birth of Jesus and his childhood and through out his mission the Evil one was continuously disrupting the Salvation plan through many people and circumstances. Birth of Mary is the beginning of the Salvation plan or the foundation stone of the Salvation plan on this Earth.

The evil one was holding on the Earth from the very beginning of Creation as per the story of the Garden of Eden. God made many attempts to redeem the World from the clutches of Evil but every attempt was failed not because God was not capable but God is a just God even for the Evil or demons and they have to report to him with all their activities on this Earth so God is aware of each and every act of the Evil one on this Earth.

Man was so much weak to cooperate with the divine plan , every plan was disrupted and corrupted by the Devil through the humans. When God realized the moves of the Evil , God appoints Immaculate Mary to give birth without Sin. We must believe that Mother Mary was born without Sin not because Church teaches us, but because the Evil could not touch her human life and the Word of God could not be corrupted by the Adam nature of Sin. If Mother Mary was born with original Sin then the Satan and his Kingdom would have access on Mother Mary’s life which could directly or indirectly influence the Word made flesh.

An Apple can grow in a Apple tree and not in a thorny bush, in the same way divine Word can give birth from a Divine Mother of God. There is no doubt about Mother Mary was born without Sin and it was a plan of God. This is the reason we have to accept Mother Mary was the handmaid of the Salvation . When we celebrate birthday today , it will be appropriate for us to go back the day we met the Lord or his Salvation revealed to us. We must celebrate our spiritual Birthday with Mother Mary’s Birthday the foundation of the Salvation. We must make Mary our divine Mother just like Jesus made her his divine mother to accomplish the salvation. Mary was given special divine power to confront and protect her Son and her Children the Church from the hands of the Evil, we can see in Jesus life , Jesus remained obedient to Mary and Joseph for thirty years of his spiritual formation. Who was the Novice Master of Jesus formation, it was Mother Mary with the help of St.Joseph.

Jesus had properties of divine as well human nature and Mother Mary could parent Jesus with right Wisdom of God in the Human growth . We must approach Mother Mary not only like a Saint but as a helper of the Salvation in our life and we need help to transform our human nature in to Divine nature at every stage of our life. Have a Blessed Birth Day of our Mother.

Prayer : Mother Mary be with us at every stage of our life to parent us in the journey of our Salvation . Amen.

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