Saturday September 12, 2020

Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but not do what I command?

Scriptures1 Corinthians 10:14-22
Psalm 116:12-13, 17-18
Luke 6:43-49

In the beginning of Creation , Bread and Wine were offered in sacrifice among the first fruits of the Earth, as a sign of grateful acknowledgement to the Creator. In Exodus Manna in the desert recall to Israel that it lives by the bread of the Word of God , their daily bread is the fruit of the promised land the pledge of Gods faithfulness to his promises. The cup of Blessing at the end of the Jewish Passover meal represent the festive joy of wine is a foretaste of the messianic age and his Kingdom.

Jesus fulfilled all the sacrifices of the old testament in to one sacrifice by offering his body and blood upon the Cross and resurrection , ascension and Pentecost. Eucharist is the thanksgiving meal in remembrance of his Sacrifice and last Supper by offering our first fruits and abundant life of the Holy spirit through Bread and Wine. We must reflect this concept of the Eucharist in our life which is combination of our offering , thanksgiving and remembrance of our Salvation and renewing our promises to the Promises of God.

We do many things in our life but is our life based upon the promises of God. Every promise or Commandment or Word of God followed with a Blessing and these blessings make us Sons and Daughters of God and Heirs of his Kingdom. Christians do not live on Worldly Bread but from every blessing of God . Christians are people who imitate Christ , Christ is the anointed one “Messiah”, when we follow Christ we get anointed with the love of God and resemble Christ , do things like Christ, Speak like Christ, live like Christ and die like Christ. Jesus Christ lived according to the will of God and died for the Whole World. When we live according to the will of God and die for the Whole World we resemble Christ in our life.

The life lived on the inspiration of the Word of God or love of God or Holy spirit is a real life of God on this Earth. If we pursue things as per worldly Standard then we are worshipers of the Idol World and the World is in the Spell of Satan and his demons, this is the true idol worship of our time. We must seek Gods will in every action or decision of our life. The best thing to discern our actions with three things in our life. 1. Does my decision or life go against the love of God or Word of God or Holy spirit. 2. Does my life decision or life go against the love of our Brother or sister or the Church 3. Does my life go against myself , my dignity, my Son ship or daughter hood.

My friends to follow the blind World is foolishness and deceptive . We call better lifestyle or better place in the modern World , the pursuit to Happiness does not lie upon financial advancement but a better understanding of our life . This understanding can be realized only through the Wisdom of God or through the Word of God.

The Family tree planted on the Worldly Soil of Satan can produce only thorns and itchy leaves which destroy the World but if we plant our family tree on the Word of God or Commandments or Holy spirit or love then we will produce good fruits of the Holy spirit of love, joy, peace, self control, charity, Empathy, Sympathy, mercy, kindness, gentleness, patience, meekness, tolerance and understanding.

When we approach in the Holy Mass or Holy Meal or Thanksgiving meal what do we offer at the table as the first fruits of our life. In Eucharist we must offer our first fruits of the Holy spirit and thank him for his promises and Blessings. If we offer Worldly offerings of money or donations or any other things of the World then we must ask ourselves a question are we people of the World or People of Christ. The money and donations or any other Worldly offerings are only a sign but if these signs do not possess the main ingredient of Love, Joy , peace and forgiveness then we are like those people who call Lord.. Lord but do not keep the Commandments of God.

The entire World is in a very dangerous mode and in the spell of the Devil. Majority of people are living and teaching their Children to Embrace Worldly Prosperity. We must return to the Lord with sincere heart and change our direction from the love of the World to the Love of God. This World will pass away but the love of God and his promises live for ever. Let us build our life on the Promises of God and these promises will give us the Manna of Heaven the promised land in this World and after our Physical death.

Prayer : Lord I may live a life of true Eucharist pleasing to you. Amen.

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