Love is Giving and Forgiving

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 13, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Sirach 27:30–28:9
Ps 103:1-4, 9-12
Romans 14:7-9
Matthew 18:21-35
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself.
For if we live, we live for the Lord,
and if we die, we die for the Lord;
so then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.

Christian life is so much interesting and challenging that we become very adventurous in our day today life. It is so much scientific that we try to leave our original self and live for someone else’s life. In this process of transformation we transform in to his likeness and image. We speak his language,we behave like him,we love and forgive like him and our attitude becomes his attitude. When we imitate him we become like him and unite with him.

Christianity is basically a life lived for Christ and his values. We get very few Christians in reality in today’s World. We have followers of Christ not to live Christ Values in their life but live their own values in Christ Name. I have not met a single real Christian who lived for Christ in my life. I meet some Christians and think these people may be living a real Christian life and get attracted towards them but after looking at their priorities and Fruits I withdraw myself from their leadership.

If we want to live like Jesus we must make the Commandment of love as our life. There will be nothing else must come in our life but only love of God and love of our Brothers and Sisters. I tried doing this but there is an Enemy who opposes us doing it in our life and diverts our mind from love to hatred by bringing repeated situations in our life, which challenge the purity and authenticity of our love to Christ and our Neighbor. In this love we have challenges of losing everything for our Neighbor, Persecutions for the love of God, bear the injustice and tolerate the humiliation. These things are very very difficult to go through in our life unless we receive the grace of the Holy spirit and a faithful Christ centered Community the mystical body of Christ.

The real love of Christ is losing everything or dying for someone else nothing expecting in return. If we come to this stage we can call ourselves as followers of Christ. The forgiveness is nothing but love. If we love we forgive and if we do not love if we forgive millions times also the forgiveness is incomplete because forgiveness is not a process but a relationship of love with our Brothers and Sisters for the greater love of God.

The definition of love is giving and forgiving, so the love is incomplete without giving or forgiveness. The Charity and Forgiveness are the bolts or locks which tighten the bond of love and keeps it safe and secure. If we do not give and forgive our love is not tied up with a commitment or a bond or with an agreement but left loose or illegal and this kind of love can be easily sneaked in and the enemy can destroy our relationship of love by offsetting with hatred and greed.

The love and forgiveness of our Neighbor fulfills or brings in to completion the first Commandment of love of God , therefore it is a big waste in spending time with the Commandments of God or with God’s love or in Prayer without doing or fulfilling them in our life . This is the reason Jesus teaches us to pray in Lords Prayer of Our Father, “love and forgive us, as we love and forgive others”. To love God and love our Neighbor are not two activities but one single act of love. If we fulfill the first part we become Hypocrites in our life like Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus time. Jesus loved the Sinners who trespassed both the Commandments of love but came heavily upon the Hypocrites of his time.

We must come out of our life situation and see the Christian Values as they are and evaluate our life according to the Love of God in our life. If we live a life for Christ then we must die ourselves for Christ in our self life, and forgiveness is the knife that kills our ego, hatred, anger, greed, resentment and revenge in our life and detach us from our self and make us like Christ Jesus.

Prayer : Lord , I may die myself to resurrect in your love.Amen.

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