Guardian Angels of the Contemporary World

Memorial of the Guardian Angels
October 2, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Job 38: 1, 12-21;40:3-5
Psalm 139:1-3, 7-10, 13-14
Matthew 18:1-5, 10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Bless the LORD, all you angels,
you ministers, who do his will.

At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. (Mathew -22-30)

Angels are pure Spirits, mighty in strength and deeds and carry out the Work and Word of God on this Earth. Angels are servants and messengers of God who carry his mission. Angels have intelligence,will and even emotions.

God created all Humans in his image of love and wanted them to live in love. When a Human is born again in Spirit , he or she becomes a Spiritual being and possess all qualities of an Angel. If we do his will on this Earth we share the ministry of an Angel on this earth. Angels main mission is to do the will of God on this Earth , in fact they are the face of God on this Earth.When we do the will of God on this Earth we also become like Angels on this Earth. This is the original image of our self in this Earth.

How to become like an Angel on this Earth. Jesus is telling us to humble ourselves like little Children on this Earth and depend upon him like little Children and receive all Children of God as Angels of God. When we give a cup of Water for the sake of Jesus and his Kingdom of love we invite Angels and Jesus himself unknowingly in our lives. Jesus figure is not a contemplative and meditative figure but a living figure in the form of Angels and Saints the Church the mystical Body of Christ.

We need to understand this point to the core of our Spirituality because now a days people have adopted superficial Character of Prayer and act like Angels on this Earth. Prayer is to listen to the instructions and strength of God and carry out his instructions by humbling ourselves and accepting and carrying out his Will and power in each everything we do and say in our life. When we draw the strength from God and carry out his mission on this Earth we become Angels and Children of God on this Earth.

Angels help and protect us from bad angels on this Earth. In the sport of Football for every position of the Player there is a counter attacker or defender and this counterfeit runs through out the match with the player and attacks him ,irritates him and causes all possible trouble so that the player may not score a Goal. I remember the Captain of of the South American Nation in the World Cup bit the ear of his opponent counter attacker in frustration and was barred for years in the International Football.

In our life also we have a bad angel who irritate us day and night in our life but we are not able understand his moves due his invisible nature. To counter attack him we need Spiritual help and Angels are the invisible spiritual help and power sent by God to the World. When we seek the spiritual help in Prayer, God sends his help through Angels but in reality we are not able understand the working in our life. We can call the Angels as extended Hand of God who protect us from the Bad angels and Demons of the Evil World.

Guardian Angels work through our own Parents , Teachers, Priests, Social Workers , Bureaucrats, administrators, political leaders, police, military, Doctors, Constitution so on in this Earth. When we are aware of the Extended Hand of God the Guardian angel in our life and humble ourselves from our own will or Ego and do his will in obedience to the authorities and live a life of Be attitudes and we become the Children of God on this Earth. If we are Children of God we treat other Children of God from the Hands of God and feel pity upon all those people still in the bondage of Evil Angels and try to help them in Intercession , love and Charity by becoming a Missionary of the Gospel of love.

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