Rosary is not a bunch of repeated Prayers but a reflection and Dialogue with our Lord.

Wednesday of the 27th Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary
October 7, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Galatians 2:1-2, 7-14
Ps 117:1bc, 2
Luke 11:1-4
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us Sinners…

In Catholic Spirituality Rosary is an important devotion through the intercession of Mary the Mother of Jesus. The devotion of Rosary definitely was not fallen from Heaven but an inspiration given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to combine various Scriptures and Prayers of the Church to devoted Christians. The Apparitions of Mary to the devoted Saints like St. Dominic founder of Dominican in 12th Century has lead this devotion as a powerful intercession , deliverance and protection prayer.

In the 12th Century the Church was completely Politicized and Church leaders were involved more in the Commercial and Political activities than on the Spiritual life. The inquisition and forced Conversions were part of the Church History and Latin was the official language of the Scriptures and Mass. Though people repeated Latin Words but did not understand a single Word of the Latin. The Masses were in Latin and not interactive and a peculiar Church which was contrary to the Church of Christ developed in the History. At this time Mother Mary started appearing to Many devoted Christians and giving many messages and all of them were to repent and believe in Lord Jesus Christ. The Rosary devotion started by St. Dominic was a simple devotion given to the families to come together and pray through the intercession of Mary to Jesus.

In the Medieval time the Rosary became the Gospel to the Families because very few people knew Latin to read and understand the Scriptures. The devotion of Rosary was available in the normal native languages as it was not a official devotion and was a private devotion. This private devotion of Rosary became the heart of Prayer in every Catholic Family. The devotion of Rosary later recognized by the Church as a liturgy of the hour for the families who were not able to pray the Scriptures of the Clergy. Families adopted this practice of reciting Rosary when the Clergy recited the psalms in their Morning, afternoon and evening prayers . Rosary became the powerhouse , Gospel and communication guide of every Catholic Christians.

I know one story of the ancestors who could not recite Rosary in words due to lack of knowledge took names of kitchen objects like Vessels as figures to Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary and repeated 10 times in their daily Rosary. In short Rosary became the object of Faith to communicate with God and all families faithfully followed this devotion to this day without fail. The devotion of Rosary is an inspiration of the Holy-spirit to the simple and poor People who did not know how to pray and the depth of the Christian truths in the dark age of the Church. So for all people who were poor in Spirit the Rosary became the Gospel in their level of faith.

The repeating words is like Child like faith ,and God loves it much more than the learned Preachers of the Word of God. But the repeating Prayers and Scriptures must be done in faith and devotion. If we repeat or say Rosary as formality then there is no relationship in that Prayer because we are not connected with him in faith. So the words or Letters, method or Knowledge does not matter in communication but a simple faith what connects us to Christ. It may be Scriptures or Rosary or Church Prayers all are inspired by the Holy-spirit and thus become the Word of God.

The devotion of Rosary by nature and method is humble and simple in method so when we recite the Rosary we humble our self by default which is very important to come in to the presence of God. Rosaries must be recited for daily life because Rosary is a source to draw grace in our daily life for daily living. Three Rosaries in a day are suggested corresponding to the three Hours of the Liturgy of the Church like early morning , afternoon and Night. These Rosaries must include all our intentions, Sorrows, Joys, thanksgiving and intercessions.

I use many modern methods of Spiritually in my daily life and ministry to come closer to God but when I fail in all these methods I take my Rosary beads in my hand and recite the Rosary which my Mother taught me as my first prayer of my life. The Rosary beads are not a magic beads and there is no super power in it as some people exhibit it like pagans , it is only a reminder and calculator which help us and keeps us in the presence of God. If we use them like Holy Objects then they come in the category of Blessed objects like Crucifix and other relics of the Church but if we take them as Beads of Rosary then we must use it to count and as a reminder.

In the Rosary the main Portion is the life of Jesus reflected in four mysteries. These are called mysteries because these actions have a deeper meaning which Our Father and Mother Mary reveals the real meaning of these mysteries. Our Father know Jesus as his Spiritual Father and Mother Mary know Jesus as his physical Mother and guide of his life. We must take time to reflect upon the mysteries and come in to a dialogue with the Lord with acknowledging our Father with the intercession of Mother Mary. These mysteries must reveal the meaning in our own life by living in its prompting or inspiration. The Nicene Creed gives us an opportunity to proclaim our Faith and Prayer of Fatima is prayer of intercession. The Litany Loretto are the attributes of Mary and her Walk with her Master.

The Rosary must lead every family in to a spontaneous intercessory time, Reflection time and Praise and Worship . When we recite the Rosary in this manner the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed to us in our life and Lord leads us in the devotion of rosary in our daily life. I have seen many great devoted people depend upon the devotion of Rosary and built a very closer and healthy relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

The devotion of Rosary is a powerful method to draw grace of Providence ( daily Bread) Protection( Temptations/ Evil Attacks) Discernment( Wisdom & Knowledge) and this grace a family or Clergy requires in their daily life to live a good Christian life. Today Rosary is no more a Private devotion but the devotions of Saints, Popes, Kings which have helped them to live their life in difficult time in the Intercession of Mary, Jesus, Joseph, Father and Holyspirit. Let us remember when we fail all methods to communicate with God, let us kneel with the beads of Rosary in prayer and Intercession.

Prayer : Holy Mary , Mother of God ,Pray for us Sinners now and at the hour of our death.Amen.

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