Jesus became the ultimate Commandment of love.

Saturday October 10, 2020

ScripturesGalatians 3:22-29
Ps 105:2-7
Luke 11:27-28

But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a disciplinarian.
For through faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus.
For all of you who were baptized into Christ
have clothed yourselves with Christ.

I worked in Corporate Companies for Twenty Five Years starting as a Representative and ending as a Global Head. All the twenty five years my thoughts were that of a sincere dedicated disciplined Worker who carries out my Owners Business. Though I had control of the whole of the Business as my own and responsible for all profit and loss of the Business , I was not hundred percent sensed the Business as my own but carried out a notion of yes Sir .. No Sir to my Bosses to please them or if I put indirectly worked in the fear of the Owners of the Business. This is the same story of all the people who work in Companies , there is a formative approach towards the company and never will be able to sense the Ownership. Our main focus is on the attending hours, discipline in the Office , Policy Matters and the Profit , if we miss these targets we evaluate our performance as Bad or we become Bad Employee of the Company.

It so happened that one of our Director’s Son started working under me and started reporting me after his university Studies. The approach of the Directors Son was completely different , his main priority was not about timings or discipline and he changed Policies regularly and did business in loss , I complained the trespassing of the Systems to the Father Director as a good buttering Employee but to my surprise the Father Director told me that he had instructed to do those very things which were crime in my point of view as an Employee.

I could not understand the management of the Company and after sometimes I left the Company and started my own Business . When I had my own Business my priorities and approach towards my Company changed , I never stuck to the 9 to 5 timings , sometimes I was not coming to Office and some days worked day and night as per the need of the hour. I changed the systems with in a day when they did not work for the Company and discipline was against Job completion and quality. My ownership and perception of the Business completely changed and sense of Ownership came from with in as a Director of the Company. We went through losses to gain overall Profit at the end of the year which I could not understand when I was a good and sincere Employee of the Company.

In Christian life also if we act like a good Christians by following the Commandments to please God and one another, then there is a burden in our heart, the burden of following the Rules for the sake of following it and not understanding them why these rules are set in our life. Jesus came in to this World to make us aware of the reason behind this Commandments. If we see all teachings of Jesus , we hear believe in me .. Believe in my teaching.. listen to me.. Jesus himself became a Commandment or a sign of love for us and when a person believed in Jesus and his teachings , the person supernaturally transformed in to the image of Jesus or his teachings. When we are transformed in the image of love or Jesus, all the Commandments , rules, liturgy, rituals, obligations become secondary because we do them spontaneously for the love of God and not as an obligation.

The Commands and signs on the Road keep us away from danger but if a person understand the value of life and safety, do not require these Commands or signs because he knows that he has to drive slowly or stop at the signal to avoid congestion or wait for the other driver to go first or wait for other driver to maneuver . Though there are signs and Commands on the Road, thousands of accidents happen every year but if people are aware and understand the safety and value life , there will not be any accidents but the whole traffic will be place of respect and order.

I was watching a documentary of a Doctor who has dedicated his life for the tribal people in a remote place and he says there is no administration or any facilities or education or medical facilities in that remote place but the Crime level like rape, murder , cheating , stealing or even major sicknesses like Cancer, TB, HIV , DIABETES are nil. They are responsible and owned their own life with all Wisdom and understanding they have in their own traditions.

If we believe and act on the teachings of Jesus we will be the brothers and sisters or mothers of Jesus and a Child of God. This is the ultimate vocation of a Christian on this Earth to be anointed as Blessed and Holy before their Physical death. All people who live the Beatitudes of our Lord on this Earth straight go to Heaven or in to the presence of God by trespassing the stage of purgatory , there is nothing to purge out from their life because they lived their life in complete union of our Lord. We will be a Saint in Heaven , there are so many unsung saints in their own way of life.

Mother Mary lived her life fully listening to God and taking care of Jesus in her whole life and called Blessed , death could not hold her and ascended in to Heaven in Body , Mind and Spirit . Jesus is also seated at the right hand of the Father in Body, mind and Spirit. One day we will also rise body, mind and Spirit , a New Heaven and New Earth which is the ultimate plan of God for all Human Beings to live a life everlasting and to Carry out Gods Business on Earth and Heaven by over powering the Evil .

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