Monday of the 28th Week of Ordinary Time
October 12, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Galatians 4:22-24,26-27,31–5:1
Psalm 113:1b-7
Luke 11:29-32
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

If today you hear his voice,
harden not your hearts.

Repentance is basically turning away from our own ideas and waiting upon the ideas of God to fulfill in our lives. When we realize that we messed up our life by relying upon our Wisdom and failed to seek the Wisdom of God we turn back from our understanding to Gods understanding. To understand our lives in our own ideas of life or of worldly ideas is deceptive and stupidity because we do not know whether we or the World is right in the real way of life. But when we rely on the Word of God and his promises we are sure that we are on the right direction.

Waiting on the promises of God to fulfill in our lives is the greatest trial of our life. Probably God wants us to realize the value of the gift before we accept it from his hands. Also we may know the complete truth of the Blessing so that we may become a blessing and truth to others. God prepares us to accept the gift and Blessing and trains us how to use that gift to good of others before giving us that gift. But we are so much impulsive and impatient we pluck the half ripe Fruit which is Sour and Pungent which does not give us any joy or benefit of consuming it, moreover it makes us sick and disturbs our peace. Half truths of life is no good , it brings confusion and chaos in our life because there is truth in it.

The real Truth can come only through the Creator and not through the Creation. The Creation may assume things in Science , Philosophy or in theories and constantly changing from one generation to the other because no one has seen the real truth. It is like someone is looking at a figure from a distance and assuming it as a Tall tree , but as he comes closer it may not be a tree at all or there may not be anything but just Void looked like a tree.

To know the truth we have to meet the Creator and we have not seen the Creator but we have experiences of the Creator and Wisdom of the Creator Portrayed in the form of Scriptures from the beginning of the Creation. Also we have a Person in the History called Jesus Christ who was born through the Spirit of God and said he came from above and claimed he is the Son of God and Messiah , died and risen on the third day and ascended in to Heaven. We have three choices in our life, 1. Believe in the Word of God 2. Believe in Lord Jesus Christ 3. Believe in our ideas and World.

The real truth of life can be revealed only through Jesus Christ and the Word of God and all the rest of the truths are half truths which are deceptive and lead us to destruction of our life. I have experienced in my own life , the half truths make sense in the beginning but as we walk through them , they take us to a place where we are lost and put us in to despair and confusion because if we have a half Map of our life , it leads us only half way or middle of the Sea and then we try to figure out our own ideas which further mess our lives.

I have seen many successful People messing their life without having any aim in their life, after achieving everything which they aimed and Worked and dedicated their whole life to achieve them. This is the most pathetic situation a person can realize in his life and same thing happens after our death, we come to know that whatever we worked for is of no use and a big waste and there was no truth in that idea or belief.

Today God is calling us to repent or turn back from our own ideas of life and believe in the Word of God Lord Jesus Christ who is the complete truth of our life. To believe Jesus is the biggest Science or Chemistry of our life which reveals the whole truth and meaning of our life on this Earth. The word of God knocks on our door every moment of our life but it is up to us to open the door of the Will of our Heart and permit that Word of God to take control of that moment. Let us live at a time with Jesus or the Word of God in our life . It is beautiful and heaven on this Earth.

Let us Give a chance to Jesus just for some trial in our life in any of our life situation and wait upon him and watch him how he works in that situation. It is very beautiful to see his workings daily in that situation just like a Seed sprouting, growing as a plant and then big tree with full of good fruits. If you do not believe in these things fine but give a chance to Jesus just for fun and Curiosity to watch him working in your life. If you are not satisfied with him you can withdraw from him . For I know that Jesus Christ never fails .

Prayer : Lord Jesus Walk with me in the dark areas of my life. Amen.

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