True Happiness and needs of our life are hidden in the Gospel Values.

Today’s Readings:

Philippians 2:5-11
Ps 22:26-32
Luke 14:15-24
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The master then ordered the servant,
‘Go out to the highways and hedgerows
and make people come in that my home may be filled.
For, I tell you, none of those men who were invited will taste my dinner.’”

The Kingdom of God on this Earth can be interpreted to the first fruits of the Holy spirit. We are invited to live in the Gospel Values. Jesus in his life on Earth repeatedly said my Kingdom is not of this Earth but of Heaven and taught us to live as per the values of the Kingdom of God. Gospel values and Christianity is an invitation to the life of Christ. Those who accepted the Invitation of the Gospel received the first fruits of the Holy spirit. The people who rejected the Gospel values to gain the Kingdom of this World are rejected to enter in to the Kingdom of God and enjoy the fruits of the Holy spirit.

There are two ways in the kingdom of God. We either choose one and detest the other , we can not have both God and Money. Now a days we see a new trend in the Elite Christians . They want Prosperity , Name , Wealth of this World and want to enjoy the fruits of the Holy spirit love, joy,Peace. Today’s Gospel clearly tells us we embrace one and leave the other, how good it may look like, for example Jesus gives example of three important needs of our life which are necessary for every human to live on this Earth. 1. Field : Field represent the shelter 2. Oxen : Represent the daily Bread 3. Marriage : Marriage represent the Family. All these three are basic needs of our life, but Jesus invites us to live a life of the Gospel which is more important than these basic needs of our life.

When we accept the Gospel we enter in to the Banquet Hall of the creator himself and at the banquet hall everything has been Provided free and without any Cost. The love is free , the joy is free, peace is free, Happiness is free, Satisfaction of life is free, Fully contended , Abundant in measure. This is the life Gospel wants to offer us but People are stupid , to live in Peace ,love and joy , they run after Land, Money and People. When we follow the Gospel values or loose material things for the Gospel we not only receive Love,Joy,Peace but Land, Money, people as well follow us and they become secondary or not of value but become like any resources of life.

We can not enter the Kingdom of God through Kingdom of the World , how brilliant or Hi tech the World may look like but if we compare with the Gospel values these are foolish and kiddish because we can not be happy or be in rest with any things of this Earth. We may feel happy for some time or for a while but it passes by or exhausts with in no time and we seek happiness in new Products , Places and People. This is the reason when a new family or New product introduced or New Holiday introduced everyone driven towards them to draw Happiness. To Draw true Happiness Gospel says to loose the material World for the love of God and Neighbor but we do just the opposite, to draw Happiness we spoil our relations with God and Neighbor to gain the materialistic World.

This is the Basic Formula of the Gospel , if we implement this Formula in our life , We will be truly Blessed in this World because we part take in the Kingdom of God on this Earth with the Fruits of the Spirit and good things of this World follow as and when we require them.

Prayer : Lord Jesus , Reveal us the secret of the Kingdom of God through Gospel values .Amen

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