Warfare of Faith and flesh

Thursday of the 31st Week of Ordinary Time
November 5, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Philippians 3:3-8a
Ps 105:2-7
Luke 15:1-10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

We are the circumcision, 
we who worship through the Spirit of God,
who boast in Christ Jesus and do not put our confidence in flesh,
although I myself have grounds for confidence even in the flesh.

There is a Warfare between Faith and the Flesh. Faith represent the Spirit of God and Flesh represents the World. The faith is the Creator and World is the Creation. The creation is the resource provided to boost the faith or a symbol or support of Faith. Flesh can not give us salvation but can support us to achieve our Salvation through Faith. When we put Flesh or the World in first place of our life we make the Flesh or World OR creation as God or Creator and fall in to an error of Sin.

It is obvious we miss the Creator in the busy and noisy journey of our life and busy adoring the things of this World. A smart person or a man of wisdom or a true Hebrew or a true Christian is the one who always keeps his eyes on the Master of his life and follows him despite of the confusion and challenges of this World. The best way to keep our eye on our Lord to stay in his presence through out the day. Our flesh or Body may be doing things of this Earth but our Spirit must be connected to the spirit of God 24/7 365 Days of entire life.

Some of the youngsters or new Christians or Non Christians who do not have the Experience of Gods love in their life may ask us what is Spirit. We can compare or interpret Spirit in to the inner voice of our Conscience. When we do or decide any action we have two voices with in us , one is from our mind or intellect and other one is from our Conscience or heart. The voice of our conscience comes from the Spirit of God.

Some times we can not hear this voice clearly in our life due to our repeated Evil actions or confusion of our mind and doing things according to our mind or intellect. Our mind is deceptive and lead us in to lust of this World . The art of listening to the inner voice of our heart keeps us in line with the voice of the Spirit in our life. If we are in relationship with the Spirit of God through Scriptures, Praise, worship . faith, Hope and fear of the Lord , the voice of God echoes through our Spirit or heart or Conscience very clearly and without any disruptions.

Repentance is repairing our Spiritual Navigation system and tuning it to the voice of God. The voice of God guides us through Scriptural Map , Worldly signs & Symbols, People directions and through inner voice . These ways point us to God’s ways and put us right before God. We can not attain these things through our own intelligence, self discipline , modern Science or innovative technology. The voice of God may use some of these supportive good functions as signs or symbols but not as the voice of God , when we walk through these good signs which points us to the creator we will be able to see the plan of God in our life.

In the old Testament Circumcision was an external sign of the Covenant a people of God or Covenant People who listen to the voice of God and do his will. Later Circumcision remained an outwardly tradition of flesh and the inward substance to listen to God and do his will was missing in their life. Faith in Christ supersedes all navigation systems of these World and connects us directly to the Satellite with the instant voice of God. Jesus connects us by pouring out his Spirit in to our heart and our Hearts are activated with his spirit. There is a connectivity between Man and God happening through Jesus Christ.

There may be a score Board in heaven with number of People turn to God and saved from the Evil World , there may be two Columns one with the People of the Kingdom of the World and other with the People of the Kingdom of God. Every time a person comes in to his senses and listens to the voice of God , God lifts him up in to his Kingdom and the Whole Kingdom of God rejoices with this one person. One repented person probably may able to keep the Score Board above the evil. The same may be happening when one person falls in to SIN and there will be a great rejoicing in the Kingdom of Evil because they have an additional score above the Kingdom of God. This warfare of the Faith and Flesh will go on through out our life but whoever scores highest in the Kingdom of God by living in his presence and dies in listening to the voice of God will possess the Kingdom of God.

Prayer : Lord reveal Jesus Christ to me and lead me in to your Salvation. Amen.

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