The process of discernment of truth of a non Believer.

Saturday November 7, 2020

ScripturesPhilippians 4:10-19
Psalm 112:1-2, 5-6, 8-9
Luke 16, 9-15

I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth,
so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

We have a most challenging and adventurous Gospel truth in today’s reading. Jesus is telling us to walk through the dark lies of this World to find the light of truth of eternal Salvation. Human has a Psychological problem , all the things which are not experienced in their life look attractive in their life. Every human wants to experience things of this World at least once in a life or desire to have them either for good or for evil pleasure. The Worldly wealth is one among them and on top of the list. Human sacrifices his entire life to be rich and wealthy. The only desire to be rich is to become happy or to be content in life.

The Prosperity and Wealth of this World is deceptive or a lie or an illusion which attract people like a beautiful disguised witch attract a young Man. When we realize the real identity of Worldly Wealth we feel sorry for ourselves by trapped by its deception. Wealth gives temporary Worldly satisfaction if we use it in selfishness. If we sacrifice our entire life to gain the petty richness of this World which is one of the Natural Resources of our life then we have wasted our time on this Earth. True happiness is in the Eternal dwelling and to walk towards that dwelling place we must sacrifice ourselves for the Gospel values of Love . When we experience the emptiness in our life after experiencing or achieving the success of this World we realize that there is something else which gives true happiness in our life.

We see many Entrepreneurs, Successful People, Underworld dons , great leaders of the World first become successful by doing all wrong things of this World but when they reach a certain peak, they start doing Charity and become Social Workers. They become better People and get a transformation and understand the of truth. They realize that all the Worldly things of the World can not give them happiness and only sacrificing them for others good makes them happy. The whole life they spend in gathering things of this World and when they come in to senses of true happiness they start distributing or losing those very things which they gathered in their life.

Jesus tells to the non believers if you want discern the truth go through the process of discernment by following other ways of the World but there is only one way of the Gospel the way of the Cross or living a life of losing the Worldly things or living by love. We lose many things in our life by believing this deceptive World and not believing the Gospel. We must study the ways of the Gospel and walk through those ways and these ways take us to to the eternal truth Jesus. When we reach this point all things of these World become same there is no winning and losing , poverty or richness because our goal is not success of this World but love. When we reach at this stage we can see Jesus as he is and there is no other goal in our life and we dedicate and do all things through him, with him and in him.

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