Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Wednesday of the 1st week of Advent
December 2, 2020

“Behold our God, to whom we looked to save us!
This is the LORD for whom we looked;
let us rejoice and be glad that he has saved us!”
For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain.

Our Quest for happiness ends with Jesus Christ the Bread of life. If we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master of our life, our earthly life ends and eternal life begins on this Earth. We must cross the Earthly Kingdom Border in to Heavenly Kingdom and start living in Faith in Christ. This is called Christian life. The transition period from Earthly life to eternal life must happen on this Earth and not after our death. In our Earthly life we are in control of our Will and make a choice and decision to live a life following Christ but after our Physical death , we are not in Control of our life and it is purely depend upon our earthly life.

Jesus Christ is the Border of our Earthly life when we meet Jesus, our earthly life ends and life with Jesus begins, this life is called faith life in Jesus. Jesus becomes our Lord , Savior , Provider, Healer, Deliverer, Wisdom, Knowledge and Merit, this exactly what happens in the Kingdom of God. The people who have not experienced Jesus can not understand these things and they require a demo , Jesus gives a demo in today’s Gospel , Jesus turns fives loaves and two fish and feeds thousands of people through divine Wisdom.

Jesus is the promised Messiah who would wipe out every tear and suffering and finally destroy death. On the Mount Calvary Jesus tore the veil that veils all peoples,the web that is woven over all nations and finally destroyed death on the Cross in to eternal life. All learned species of this Earth must study this Concept and do research on this truth which destroys death on this Earth. The Science , Technology, Revolutions seek truth to live a better life on this Earth but no one follows the truth and better life already given to us by Jesus Christ.

The true revolution started on this Earth When Nations accepted Christian values and Constitutions were built upon those values. Many Nations still live on Christian Values but the secular value lifestyle is breaking the thread of truth and the false culture is growing in our Society and our neighborhood, which is neither Earthly nor Heavenly but from the Evil one. Jesus loved and loves everyone despite of their status of life but do we love him and keep his values is the question to our generation.

Our youth must learn to live the lifestyle of Jesus Christ , lifestyle of Jesus is love and forgiveness . All our Vindication and justice comes from him alone. All our reward , success and happiness is with him alone. If we we sit at his feet on the mountain of his presence we will be satisfied with earthly things and receive eternal Salvation the Kingdom of God. All Worldly Schemes and Successes without Values of Christ are inspired by the Evil , it is like building a Tower of Babel on this Earth and building our own Heaven on this Earth.

If People achieve everything in their life but loose their life by dying like any other Animal on this Earth what is the success achieved in their life. The real success is to destroy death in our Earthly life and live eternal life. There is only one person who came from above and resurrected from death and went back to Heaven Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ gave us a Commandment of love, witnessed love, preached the love and died and resurrected for love. If we refuse this ultimate love then we have to blame ourselves. The light came in to this Earth and we preferred darkness .

Prayer: Lord Deliver me from the Evil One. Amen

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