Types of Faith

Friday of the 1st week of Advent
December 4, 2020


Let it be done for you according to your faith.” 
And their eyes were opened. 

Faith of Expression and Faith of Belief are two processes of Faith. If we confess in our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord we are saved. We may express our faith with the Community of faithful but believing in our heart is very personal and between us and the Lord. Many a times we are excited to witness and express the faith but our belief in the Lord does not remain to the core. Our Characters and virtues spring from the trusting relationship with the Master. All expressions must pour out from the relationship of our Master. A Witness without the relationship with the Lord remains only a Human witness and there is no divinity in it, but a Witness with Core Belief with the Lord brings Conversion of Hearts with signs and Wonders.

Jesus had deep relationship with the Father and witnessed him to the People and could open the spiritual and physical eyes of thousands of people on this Earth.

Prayer : Lord give me the insight to become your Disciple. Amen.

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