How to become true handmaid of the Lord

Fourth Sunday of Advent
December 20, 2020

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16
Ps 89:2-5, 27-29
Romans 16:25-27
Luke 1:26-38
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

 ‘Thus says the LORD:
Should you build me a house to dwell in?’“

David thought in his success as a King that it is he who is building the Kingdom of God. God reminds him his past days as a lowly Shepherd in the Pasture and all the success and victory given by God himself. David was available in obedience but rest of the work was done by the Lord. Many people who have experienced the Lord want to do many things for the Lord in their life but God carries his mission. David wanted to build a Temple with Bricks , Wood and all the good things of this Earth and his Son Solomon built it with all Splendor but the question is did God live in that temple of Solomon. Solomon himself disobeyed God and built Temples to other God and offered sacrifices with his Foreign Wives. God does not live the temples built by man but in the heart of every person. The arch of the Covenant was hidden by the Prophets but this Arch of the Covenant was revealed in the new Testament in the scriptures through Mary who obeyed the Word of God and unfolded the hidden Covenant through her availability and obedience. This is the reason we call her Arch of the Covenant. David and Mary were special People who God chose and anointed to obey the Word of God and used them to establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth. David thought he could build a temple to God as a thanksgiving to his Victories and success but God reminds him that he is only an instrument in the hands of God and God himself will build a temple which will be built from the shoot of Jesse Davids Father a everlasting temple and his Kingdom will have no end. God is talking about Jesus who was a descendant of David through Joseph and Mary.

If we evaluate the response of David and Mary , Mary considered herself as the Handmaid of the Lord and not as a queen . David the shepherd developed a thought of a King and forgot his old days as a Shepherd. Mary lived as a handmaid of the Lord from the Manger till the formation of the church the Pentecost , this is the reason she has been made queen of Heaven and earth through her Assumption and Coronation. Jesus has built the Church by anointing the Holy spirit upon the people who obey him. The People of obedience is the real Church in this World, all the Buildings and institutions are a supporting functions to help to build the Church. If we concentrate on Numbers, Structures and not the People of good will then all our efforts in this Earth will be a waste like King David , King David was refused to build the Temple for the Lord and his life was over with his ancestors.

prayer : Lord Jesus, make me a handmaid of the lord in good times and bad times of my life. Amen

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